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If you adopt magic as a profession or semi-profession, a good attractive, well-designed letterhead is important. Something that will tell your story in a nice way and bespeak interest and dignity.

Here, again, let me quote Robert Ruxton from his article on selling principles in Printed Salesmanship Magazine.

"What is the credit value of appearances? Here is a case out of my own personal experience with an amusing twist which is typical. It occurred several years before national prohibition went into effect, but at a time when a number of states were reflecting the coming event by going 'Dry'.

"Wines, brandies, etc. could at that time be obtained by mail, from the wet states, but there was some peculiar law whereby a CASH order could command say $7.50 worth of liquor, while an order dispatched on CREDIT could get double or $15.00 worth.

"At the time I happened to have a very nicely embossed letterhead on a fine quality of paper that simply gave my name, the apartment, and the city. I wrote ordering a consignment of liquor to be sent me. I was a perfect stranger to the firms I wrote to, having had no previous dealing with them whatsoever. Nevertheless the consignment ordered was duly shipped, with the bill, and I was able during the following week to give the fleet captains a treat of good liquor -a fact I didn't forget to rub in.

"The next step, of course, was for them to follow my example and order by mail. They ordered all right, but they didn't get their orders. The various liquor dealers approached wrote back asking them for the cash. The various captains came aboard in hot haste to find out 'How I got MY consignment'. It was fun not to tell them, and I didn't, but the explanation was that they were ordering on blank or 'bum' letter sheets, while I was ordering on a beautifully embossed quality paper that commanded confidence.

"I continued to order, thus all the way down to Florida getting my double consignment, on credit, against the 'half' consignment of those who paid cash -this with a constantly changing set of dealers, just to show the crowd it could be done.

"Out of the comedy came the emphasis of one thing to my mind at least — the commercial value of a good letterhead."

Letterheads can be set in type with necessary ornament, or an artist can design one, a cut or cuts can be made from the drawing, and printed on a good substantial bond paper. For something extra good Strathmore papers can be used. The paper can be white, or some color tone may be used to lend individuality. There are some excellent letter papers on the market as well as envelopes to match.

A good commercial size paper, 8 1/2 x 11 inches is very practical. Papers run in odd sizes as well. Some like an odd size so as to make their stationery a bit different. Personally, I like the regular commercial size for the ordinary purpose.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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