You Put Your Audience Under Its Influence

This is the other aspect of the Power of Suggestion—that coming from you to your audience. Now then, how do the things that you are constantly suggesting in your tricks work on them?

Let us take the first trick and analyze it from this standpoint. This will give you a new angle from which to study Lesson 1 and all succeeding lessons.

You will begin to understand the great power you have in Magic and what mysterious thing gives you this power.

Take your first trick, The Dissolving Coin, before you as I have it here before me.

Look at your first paragraph of patter. You have put your hand in your pocket to get the glass disk. But you say, "I must have a half dollar. I thought I had one here in my pocket," etc. You have suggested to the audience that you put your hand in your pocket to get a half dollar. It would never occur to them that you might have taken something else from your pocket because you suggested to them that you went for a half dollar and found you did not have it. There is a bit of the working of the Power of Suggestion.

Now go on to the next paragraph of patter. You tell the spectator to put a good heavy mark on the coin—any kind of mark. This suggests to the spectator that he will be able to identify the coin because, he reasons, you cannot very well have a duplicate coin marked just as he marked his coin.

Then as you go along, you add little touches of humor to get the good will of the audience. This makes them more receptive to your suggestions.

During the rest of the trick up to the whisking off of the handkerchief, it never occurs to the spectator that he hasn't the coin under the handkerchief because you have constantly suggested that he has it—by saying that the coin is under the handkerchief and by telling him to drop it. He hears it hit the bottom. This constant suggestion produces the result that the spectator believes that he has the coin without questioning it at all. You may be sure that he believes this— such is the Power of Suggestion. Then imagine his astonishment to find when the handkerchief is removed that the coin has "dissolved." He knew he dropped the coin into that glass of water and what in the world happened to it?

What has been one of the main elements, then, in producing your effect? The Power of Suggestion, which led the spectator to believe absolutely without question that things were what they seemed because you suggested to him that they were.

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