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Curl fingers inward. Get the two cards together and Back Palm them both, thus vanishing the second card.

Figure 40.

Now by Back and Front Palming the two cards together, show both sides of right hand empty.

Vanish the remaining cards in the same way. It is not necessary to show both sides of hand after each vanish, but show them occasionally to convince audience that you have nothing concealed.

To produce cards again, use either method for producing cards one at a time, taught to you above. As cards are produced, place the first three in left hand in a fan.

Produce the fourth card, and as you place it in fan in left hand, curl fingers of right hand inward and place fifth card in horizontal position BEHIND other four cards.

Figure 41 shows view toward audience.

Concealed card is held in place by second finger of left hand as right hand is immediately brought away from left.

Figure 42 shows view away from audience.

As you bring right hand away from left, keep fingers close together. Show back and front of hand as though you were Back and Front Palming a card. Keep thumb tight against hand to make it conspicuous. With back of hand toward audience, push thumb far up into palm of hand and suddenly open fingers. It looks as though you were concealing something in the palm of hand.

Close fingers again and quickly turn hand to expose palm, keeping thumb tight against first fingers as though holding something. Open fingers wide apart, one at a time, and finally the thumb. Now quickly show both sides of hand with fingers spread apart.

Bring right hand down to left. Starting with upper card, count the cards with thumb of right hand pointing to them and fingers back of cards. As you count -- Four -- Back Palm the concealed card in right hand.

Figure 43.

Grasp the fourth card between thumb and fingers of right hand and throw it aside. Then throw the other three cards aside, one at a time, tossing them up into the air. Show left hand empty.

Back and Front Palm remaining card in right hand to show right hand empty. Then suddenly produce fifth card at finger-tips and toss it into the air also.

This routine of manipulation may be varied. Some Magicians prefer using six cards instead of five and placing two cards behind the fan instead of one.

Color Changes With Cards

The effect produced in a Color Change is this: The face of the "Bottom" card on the deck is shown. The hand is passed over the card and it suddenly changes to another number and color. You are given a number of methods. Select the one or two you like best.



Performer shows a Three of Spades on bottom of deck. He reaches up with right hand and apparently removes the center pip, leaving the Two of Spades. He snaps invisible pip into the air and shows right hand empty. Then he reaches into air again, gets invisible pip and puts it on the Two of Spades -and behold, the Two changes back to the Three of Spades again.


Place the Two of Spades on the "Top" of the deck and the Three of Spades on the "Bottom."

Hold deck in left hand with Three of Spades facing audience. Have your right side slightly turned to audience.

Figure 44.

"A very peculiar thing about the Three of Spades is that if you pass your hand over it in this direction, nothing happens to the card."

Pass right hand across deck from right to left. When hand gets to position shown in Figure 45, push the rear card, the Two of Spades, forward into the right hand so that it can be grasped between thumb and second joint of little finger.

Figure 46 shows the way the card is held in the right hand.

Figure 46A is the view from above as you see card in hand.

Figure 47 shows the way the left hand pushes card into right hand where only the two upper corners are gripped between right fingers.

The right hand must pass the deck in a continuous motion while it picks up the card. There must be no hesitation. Continue moving right hand to the left about 12 inches, raising it to show the Three of Spades again.

"But if you run your hand over the card in this direction."

Bring hand back across the deck and without stopping movement, place the Two of Spades over the Three. The moment card is in place pretend to pick off center pip of the Three spot. Remove right hand and show that center pip has been taken off and a Two spot is there instead of a Three. Toss invisible pip into the air.

"You can pick one of the pips off!"

With right forefinger point to place where pip was and push card up about a quarter of an inch to get a jog at the top.

Figure 4 8.

Reach up into air to pretend to catch pip. Bring hand down over pack. Press down on jogged end of the Two of Spades. This forces the card into right hand where it is palmed.


Figure 49 shows view from above as you see hands, but not as the audience sees them.

Bring right hand away to show the Three spot. The pip has apparently reappeared.

As you bring right hand toward your body, curve fingers inward until edge A can be held by thumb.

Figure 50.

Then bring right hand up to deck to point to center pip of the Three spot with fingers.

Figure 51.

Release edge A from thumb. This causes card to spring up behind deck. Hold it in place with rest of cards in left hand.

Figure 52.

Remove right hand from deck and show it empty. A good. natural move is to snap card into place under cover of transferring deck from left to right hand.

This last move of causing a palmed card to spring up behind the deck was given to me by Paul Fuchs, whom I mentioned earlier in this lesson. In his hands it is a beautiful piece of deception. It may be used in effects when you want to add one or more palmed cards to the back of the deck while the front is exposed.


Face card on deck changes to a different number and color. This is another effect of Paul Fuchs.


Turn left side toward audience. Hold deck in left hand with backs of cards toward rear. Place left little finger under top card in readiness for Palming. Curve fingers of right hand and place them against lower edge of card.

Figure 53.

Figure 54

Grip one edge of card between first and second fingers and other edge between third and fourth fingers in readiness for Back Palming. Straighten fingers and Back Palm the card. Place deck in right hand to show face card to audience.

Figure 54

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