Conceal the razor or scissors on your person, also one of the pieces of tape. Curtained cabinet is set up and second piece of tape is nearby.

To Perform:

Have committee come up on the stage — two men are enough.

"I am going to attempt a most peculiar and difficult escape -- that is an escape from a paper bag. Some of you might imagine that by using paper it would be easy to escape. All you have to do is tear a hole in it and crawl through, but, of course, that would destroy the bag, and I must escape without harming the bag in any way. I am going to be tied up in the bag. I must work quickly for, as you know, paper excludes air and breathing would be difficult for any length of time. First of all, gentlemen, since you are acting as chief investigators, I want you to examine this paper bag carefully. Look at the sides and bottom. You will see that it is just made of paper firmly glued together. Also examine this piece of tape with which you are soon to bind the top of the bag."

After bag has been thoroughly examined, tip it down on the floor. Step into opening and then push bottom of bag down on floor so that bag will be upright and you can stand inside of it.

Have assistant help you get into bag. Then assistant requests that one of the gentlemen tie the tape securely around the top of the bag, enclosing you in it. This done, the curtained cabinet is placed over and around the paper bag and the curtains are closed all around.

When assistant gives you the signal, you take razor or scissors and reach up into neck of the bag. Cut a small slit through the bag, and then through the tape around neck of bag.

Reach up with hands and spread top of bag open. The tape comes off. Now manipulate the bag down on to the floor so that you can crawl out of it. Pocket the cut tape, put the bag upright again, and with piece of tape from your pocket tie it up again. From the piece of cut tape you can see how the tape was knotted originally and you can duplicate the knot.

Open curtain suddenly and bring the bag out for hurried examination. Quickly remove tape and open up the bag to show it empty.

NOTE: This escape may be accomplished with the use of a bag about 4 feet high. In this case, you crouch down in the bag.

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