Write Me About Your Success With Your Show

I am deeply interested in the work you are doing. I want to know how you are progressing and what you are accomplish-

ing. I have received some very welcome letters from some students, but from others I have received no word at all. Now that you are going to give a performance, you will be able to write me all about it. It will mean a great deal to you to write me about your success and your difficulties as it will give me an idea as to how I can be of greatest service to you.

Remember that I am eagerly awaiting word from you as to how you came out on your show. To help you and to give me an understanding of what you are doing, I give you this little outline of what I should like to have you write me about. Do not hesitate to tell me other things which have occurred to you and to add any remarks you desire to.

1--Give me your program.

2--What was your reaction to your audience—that is, how did you feel when you faced them, both in the beginning of the performance and as you progressed with your show?

3--What was your audience's reception of you—what was their attitude in the beginning and what was it later on during the program?

4--Which tricks did they seem to like? Which caused comment during the performance and which did they talk about afterwards? What remarks did they make?

5--Did you have any difficulties? What where they?

6--Which effects were you particularly successful with?

7--Have you any new effects or new ways of working?

8--What do you think of the Course in Magic you are studying?

Do not hesitate to give me any suggestions or make any remarks on the course. I shall welcome anything you have to say.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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