Who And Which By Simple Method

This method requires no special screen. An ordinary parlor screen with three sections can be used. Only two people are needed to perform this method.


Performer dresses as Hindu. He places girl assistant in a large bag and ties the opening together over her head. A screen is placed in front of her. After some ceremony, magician removes screen and shows bag. When bag is opened, performer steps forth and Hindu removes disguise to reveal the girl.


1 -- A three-sided parlor screen. Be sure there is no space between the three sections.

2 -- Special bag with bottom basted as in original version.

3 -- Two Hindu outfits, exactly alike, consisting of black beard with mustaches attached to wire hooks for placing over the ears, Hindu turbans, and long coats.


To Prepare:

On upper frame of middle panel of screen place a small hook. This goes on the rear. On hook hang one of the Hindu outfits.

Have screen folded up, standing at side or back of stage.

Figure 42 is a diagram, showing arrangement of outfit and screen as if you were looking down on it from above. Costume is not visible to audience.

Have prepared sack and the other Hindu outfit on table or chair near at hand.

To Perform:

Show sack inside and outside, then place it on floor near center of stage. Girl steps into it and you draw it up and tie it over her head with tape.

Get screen and place it in front of girl. Be careful not to expose costume on it. Now open the two outer panels and bring them around toward the rear to cover girl from the sides.

Figure 43.

When screen is adjusted, girl pulls thread from bottom of sack and lifts bag off. She then takes Hindu outfit from hook on screen and puts it on. In the meantime, you put on other Hindu costume out in front of audience where all can plainly see.

Figure 44.

You go through a bit of ceremony and then walk around to back of screen. Girl dressed just as you are walks out from other side of screen and does the necessary ceremonial. You quickly remove costume and hang it on hook on screen; then pull bag over head, stepping on the bottom of it to conceal it.

Figure 45.

At a signal, girl removes screen, folding it up as shown in Figure 42, and places it aside. She opens sack and out steps the performer.

Figure 46.

Girl removes Hindu garb and reveals herself.


Study the timing of each illusion perfectly. When passing back of screen for substitution, movements should be so timed that audience thinks you merely walk around back of screen. Do not draw any special attention to this walking around so that audience will not get suspicious.

Size of screens will vary with size of performers. The prepared screens are about three feet wide and six feet high. Some require them wider and some can use them narrower. Be sure screen you use is opaque.

Performer and assistants should be as nearly the same size as possible to avoid detection. Shoes of all must be the same color and similar in style.



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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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