Wand From Card Case

This effect is a good opening for tricks with cards. EFFECT:

Performer picks up deck of cards in case, opens case, removes cards, and places them on table. Then he reaches into card case again and brings out his wand.


1 -- A deck of cards in the cardboard case.

To Prepare:

Remove cards from case and in bottom of case, cut a hole about an inch long and the width of the bottom.

Figure 8.

Have wand up left sleeve with end resting against middle finger of left hand. Keep back of hand to audience.

Have deck of cards in case on table at your right or in right coat pocket.

To Perform:

Pick up deck of cards and show freely but be careful to conceal hole in bottom of case. Place case in left hand and

open flap with right, removing the cards. Place cards on table at right side, and as you do so, get end of wand inserted in hole in case.

Figure 9.

Reach into case with right hand and draw out the wand. Figure 10.

Toss case on table in an apparently careless manner, but be careful to get it in such position as not to expose hole in bottom.

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