Various Principles Of Palming And Shifts

Right Angle Slip Up Palm

Deck is held in a horizontal position in left hand. Right hand is brought up close to it in a vertical position. Figure 8.

With left thumb push up the top card into the right palm. Figure 9.

Press card securely into right palm with left thumb. The card is now palmed with back of it outward. Figure 10.

This principle of palming is very valuable in some cases when it is advisable or necessary to have the card reversed with back outward instead of face. Practice it until you can do it quickly and easily without being detected. Remember "NOT TO LOOK AT YOUR HANDS."

Oblique Slip Up Palm

The same principle as the Right Angle Slip Up Palm, except that the deck is held at an oblique angle in the left hand. Figure 11.

Use of this palm is advantageous when you do not want audience to see "Bottom" of deck and their Angle of Visibility is such that they cannot see the card when deck is held at oblique angle.

Right Angle Kick-In Palm

Another form of right angle palm. Deck is held horizontally in left hand and right hand is held vertically beside and a little in front of deck.

If deck is held backs up, the palmed card or cards will be facing outward, and vice versa. Hold deck according to the way in which you desire the cards palmed.

Place little finger of left hand under card or cards to be palmed. Second and third fingers are on top of cards and act as a lever. When you place right hand next to cards, pivot the cards out with the little finger of left hand, and with the aid of the second and third fingers the cards are "kicked" into the right palm. Figure 11A.

This style of palming is useful in instances when you merely pass the right hand by the deck in a pretended gesture.

similar to the move of transferring cards from packet to packet in the effect, "Cards That Pass in the Night."

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