Vanish And Production Of Paul Fuchs

This is a beautiful effect in the hands of Paul Fuchs.


Cigarette is placed in left hand and vanished. Both hands are shown empty, then cigarette is produced from behind left hand.

To Perform:

Hold cigarette between first and second fingers of right hand.

Figure 37.

Place left hand with back to audience over back of right hand to conceal cigarette.

Under cover of left hand, make the following moves with the right.

Allow cigarette to fall over second finger. Figure 38.

Place third finger over cigarette. Figure 39.

Release first finger and hold cigarette grasped only between second and third fingers.

Figure 40.

Curve fingers inward to palm of hand. Figure 41.

Remove left hand and close it as if it held cigarette. Point right index finger at left hand.

Figure 42 shows hands as audience sees them.

Figure 44

Figure 43 shows view from rear away from audience.

Open left hand and show that cigarette has vanished.

Place right hand up behind left, straightening out fingers which grasp cigarette. This is done apparently to show back of right hand, but in reality to manipulate cigarette. Place right forefinger over cigarette again, release third finger, and get cigarette into original position between first and second fingers.

Figure 44

Turn right hand to show empty palm to audience. Figure 45.

Figure 46 shows view away from audience. Cigarette is held horizontally in back of right hand.

Separate hands and show them empty. Figure 47.

Turn back of left hand audience and bring it down over right fingers far enough to conceal movements as you bring cigarette to thumb and finger-tips of right hand. Draw right hand away from left and produce cigarette.

Figure 4 8.


You may continue showing hands back and front by merely continuing the manipulations taught to you above.

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