Types Of Salesmen

We have been discussing the types of buyers. Now let us go to the other side and study the types of salesmen.

Salesmen can be divided into two great classes:

1 - High Pressure.

2 - Persuasive.

The High-Pressure Salesman

The High-Pressure Salesman is full of enthusiasm. He intensifies the prospect's desires and forces him to buy on

the spur of the moment. This kind of salesman rarely makes a second sale to the same customer because his sales are seldom satisfactory to the buyer. This salesman should be engaged in selling some particular service or goods which a customer buys only once. If he is engaged to sell some other kind of commodity or service, he usually finds himself out of place.

This type of salesman has an upper lip tightly compressed at the corners and is generally described as a man with a stiff upper lip. He is fleshy on each side of his mouth and is broad at the lower part of the bridge of the nose. He may or may not be heavily built but is generally inclined to stoutness. He likes to sit his prospect on a fence, so to speak, and then use force in his speech in order to convince. Once he has a prospect interested, he seeks to intensify desire to purchase and to purchase then and there. This man is good for real estate or specialty selling.

If this salesman doesn't make a sale with the prospect. He gives him up, are like himself and handles them ac man by forceful talk or pushes him o is a most eloquent talker. The dange prospect is. The Economist buys only latter is forced to buy on impulse, sale made by the High-Pressure type

Figures 15 and 16.

on his first int thinking that is cordingly, making ff the fence in d r comes when this of his free will he usually cancel is unsatisfactory erview, he doesn't want to have the only wise thing to do. He be no attempt to understand them. isgust and loses a possible cust salesman does not know the type and the Commercialist refuses t s the order before it is filled. to the buyer and very profitabl anything more to do lieves all people He either sells the omer. This salesman of individual his o be rushed. If the

Thus almost any e to the salesman.

When a man is this type of salesman, he may belong to any of the three classes of buyers. You must study him according to your relation with him — as salesman or buyer.

The Persuasive Salesman

The other type of salesman, the Persuasive, has a well on each side of his mouth, and is seldom a fat man. He hospitality and service. He must always be sold himself is offering to the customer before he can try to sell i believes that if he represents a reputable firm and his anybody but merely explain the merits of the thing and his article and uses persuasion and friendship in his s he believes he will do so on some subsequent occasion. spoil his future chance to sell that prospect.

formed upper lip, a rather thin face with hollows likes to win his customer through kindness and on the value of the commodity or service which he t. He believes that honesty comes first. He commodity has value, he need not force it on it will sell itself. So he explains the value of ales. If he doesn't sell his prospect right away, He refrains from using force for fear that he will

This man has little success in selling specialties or real estate, but is the best salesman for commodities of daily use where repeat orders are looked for. He should be employed in selling articles which are as represented and give full value. He makes a wonderful salesman in a department or jewelry store. If one could check over returned sales, it would be found that 95% of them were made by High-Pressure salesmen, for almost invariably when a customer buys from the Persuasive type, he remembers that nothing was forced on him and he is not likely to want to return it.

Figures 17 and 18.


Everyone who is selling anything should analyze himself to ascertain which type of salesman he is. Everyone who employs salesmen or buyers should study his men in order to place them in their proper positions for the best results.

Both High-Pressure and Persuasive Salesmanship have their places. It is well to know when to use one and when the other. One can use High-Pressure and still do a good turn for the customer. The ideal salesman is the one who combines both types.

In the show business High-Pressure is used to a considerable extent to awaken the emotions. When an audience is moved to laughter and tears and held in an emotional state, they are easily sold. Even the music in the theater is helpful in selling a performance. Extensive posters and advertising with well chosen words all have the element of High-Pressure. High-Pressure is thus in its proper place when you deliver the goods to support it.

Important in your work as a Magician is to use High-Pressure in keeping your spectators emotional and thus selling them the show -- and to give such a good show that they are eager to see you again.

In a performance High-Pressure is used to accent it and put it over with a wallop, intermingling it with Persuasive Salesmanship to give it balance, and make it lasting.

When doing a great deal of High-Pressure work, if you are a persuasive type and rather thin, be careful that you do not burn up too much energy and that you recuperate with plenty of sleep. Often a thin person, working under High-Pressure, tenses his muscles so severely that he has difficulty in relaxing them. A Naprapath, Osteopath or Chiropractor can aid at times in reducing the tension. A warm bath and physical exercises which loosen up the spine will help also.

I hope you will make a real study of the discussion which I have given you so that you may use this material in understanding yourself and other people better and will thus arrive at the success for which you are working.

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