The audience has heard the drawing of the card and the snap, and naturally they think that you have pulled TWO cards from the packet and now have them in your right hand. You count -"two"- to help the illusion.

Stand in front of your mirror and practice this method of False Counting. The best thing to do is to actually count the cards and pass them from left hand to right. Then imitate the natural moves and hold back a card now and then.

False Counting is a very important principle in Magic. It sometimes proves to be a regular life-saver in an emergency.

You must be able to perform the move so well that the keenest eye cannot tell whether you did a straight or a false count.

Count the third card actually into right hand on top of the one card there, making the snapping sound as you bring the card away from the packet.


False count the next card, making the snapping sound. "Four."

Count next card fairly, bringing it away from packet on top of two others in right hand.

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