Two Of These Clown Outfits Are Required

The Pirate - This is a typical pirate's costume. Fig. 19. The shirt and trousers are ragged and there is a sash around the waist. A handkerchief cap is worn. This should be fitted to head and sewed so that it can be quickly slipped on and off head. A black eye piece and mustache helps to complete the effect. The mustache can be the cheap kind that adheres to lips or can be fixed on wire so it can be held by being inserted in nostrils.

The Bartender - Ruffle up the hair and wear a large black mustache that can be easily attached. A shirt with sleeves rolled up and white apron gives the bartender appearance. Fig. 20.

NOTE: Shoes or slippers worn by clown, pirate and girl should be duplicates.


Place a clown outfit with costume, skull cap and mask, in compartment B in the platform of cabinet. Have costume on top and folded so it can be easily lifted up and put on.

In compartment C place the bartender's apron and mustache. Also the bottle and glasses, but have them at one side out of the way.

The top of compartment A is in place. The cloth is tucked down into the compartment out of the way and board laid on top.

Thus ready, the cabinet is placed on stage at left of center, and away from wings, etc. (Directions are given as you face audience from stage.) Doors are closed. Front door faces audience.

A few feet away at right the chair or stool is placed. The parlor screen is about ten feet at right of cabinet and back a bit.

The policeman and doctor are off stage at right.

The clown wears a plain shirt with sleeves rolled up high and front of shirt opened part way down the front. This is to be used for bartender part. Over this slip the ragged pirate shirt also open part way down the front. Then the rest of the pirate costume with exception of eye piece, mustache and cap which should be tucked into pockets to be easily gotten at later on.

Over this, place the clown outfit. Thus we see that the clown becomes the pirate easily by slipping off costume and then adjusting things, and later is ready to play the part of the bartender.

The clown and circus girl stand inside the cabinet. The doors are closed.

Stage Setting, Fig. 21.

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