Tourist Horde Arrives In City

Five Thousand Greeted Here as Season's Vanguard

Guests Begin to Pottr in from East, North and South

Trains Loaded to Capacity on All Rail Lines

Happy at being In Southern California. more than 5000 tourists, the vanguard of what is expected to be one of the greatest summer-tourist seasons In the history of Los Angeles. reached the city yesterday. An even larger numbet Is expected to arrive today and the rush probably will contln<ie tomirro». when 1». will slacken slightly, wily to reach Its peak early In June, when eastern schools dosa for the summer vacation.

Summer tourist rates, which went into effect In the East Us* Tuesday, are responsible for the rush.

The Santa Fe Natajo. which' reached Lcn Angeles at 7:30 ajiv. was the first to bring jummer visitors. It was followed five mtn- • utes later by the Southern Pacific t Californtan. The first. Union Pacific train, the Continenta Limited, reached the tfty at 8:30 am. All thre* trains carried extra cars, as <nd other» which arrived during the day. Many trains were forced to run extra sections. in addition to rutting on more cars than usual.

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