To Produce Lighted Cigarette From


Performer takes cigarette box from his pocket, opens it, and produces a lighted cigarette from it. He places cigarette in his mouth and smokes it for a few minutes.


To Prepare:

Take a cardboard cigarette box and cut an air hole in each side of it. On the bottom fix some wire, bending it so that it will raise burning cigarette from bottom of box and hold it midway between bottom and cover. Wires can be sewed to bottom of box and attached to other pieces of cardboard to fit into box. If extra pieces are used, sew them to bottom of box.

Figure 97. To Perform:

This makes a nice conclusion to The Vanishing Cigarette. After cigarette has disappeared, reach into pocket, take out box, produce lighted cigarette and smoke it.

Light the cigarette in the box just before using so that it will not burn down too much.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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