To escape

"Now that you understand that, I shall explain it again."

Repeat above effect — putting arms around broom handle and then bringing arms away.

"Please, lay the broom aside and we will use these rings."

Pick up rings from table and give them to spectator assisting you, all the while keeping thumbs closely together.

"Examine these rings to see they are perfectly solid. You are satisfied? Toss one to me so that I can catch it when I have counted three. Are you ready? One - two -three."

As ring is thrown, draw away thumb and open up hands slightly to catch ring on right arm. Place left thumb back in place quickly, then show that hands are still tied.

"I didn't mean that you should throw it quite so hard. You see you threw it on my arm. But I'll forgive you this time. Now throw another ring."

Catch the second ring as you did the first one. Then show that thumbs are still tied.

"I guess the second ring wanted to be with his brother. Toss the third one. One -two - three."

Catch the third ring, allowing it to pass onto left arm.

"This one is more exclusive. See, it went onto my left arm. Will you please take them off?"

Spectator tries to take them off, but, of course, he is unable to do so.

"So, they will not come off. Well, no wonder, you didn't speak to the rings according to the manner set forth in the latest book on etiquette. You should say, "If it will not inconvenience your royal highnesses, I should like to have your presence at my home for afternoon tea,' . . . "

Slide rings all over onto left wrist. Then removing thumb from loop quickly, let rings slide onto the tips of your fingers. Slip thumb back into loop immediately.

"And away they go."

Give three rings to assistant.

Show thumbs still tied securely.

Now open Loop C a little with second and third fingers of left hand and quickly slip it back onto left thumb. Remove

other fingers. Loops are around both thumbs again as they were in the beginning of the effect. You may now have assistant examine bands around thumbs and remove them to see that they are intact.

"The moral of which is, 'It is better to be a magician than to go to jail'."

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