The swinging of the left arm and flourishing of the right as you quickly exchange silks from left to right hand makes it appear to the audience that you merely took a third single silk from left hand into right.

Place the three knotted silks--A, B, C--on chair seat. Continue to count the other three silks.

Figure 109.

Now proceed with the experiment as before.

Using a Chair Display for Counting Silks

In this method, the silks are hung up in such a manner as to make the knotted silks look single.

First, sew very small rings at top corners of A, B, C, D, E, F.

On top of a chair, drive six small brads equal distances apart. Drive them just far enough in to hold securely with enough projecting to hold rings of handkerchiefs.

Figure 109.

Hang rings of A, B, C on first, third, and fifth brads. Figure 110.

Hang rings of D, E, F on second, fourth, and sixth brads.

Figure 111.

D and E cover the knots, and to all appearances, there are six single silks hanging on the chair.

Pick up corners C, B, A and jerk them downward suddenly to free them from other silks. Practice this move so that you perform it naturally as if you were handling single silks.

Figure 112.

Count the silks—one, two, three—as you pick them up. Then place them on the seat of a chair.

Then continue your count as you pick up the other three in a similar manner. Proceed with this experiment from this point.

Varying the Effect

A good variation of the Sympathetic Silks is this: After counting the knotted set as if they were separate, place them on a chair. Then tie the three single silks into a chain,

and place them on another chair or on the floor. Jerk the latter set up suddenly to untie the magic knots, and show that the silks have untied themselves. Pick up the first knotted set by corner X and show that knots have appeared in this set.

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