This Is The Second Big Surprise

Drop thimbles from right hand into glass on table. Let right hand fall to side. Then drop thimbles from left hand into glass. To do this, turn left side to audience.

Figure 111.

Curl right fingers under lower right edge of coat and insert them in thimbles in holder there. Remove thimbles on finger-tips and keep hand closed and down at side. This view is away from audience.

Figure 112.

Turn right side to audience now. Keep back of right hand to audience and Thumb Palm thimble on forefinger.

Now reach into air with right forefinger outstretched and nothing on it, and catch a thimble on the finger-tip.

With right side turned to audience and the use of MISDIRECTION to the right hand, reach under lower left edge of coat with left hand and remove the four thimbles from holder on each of left finger-tips. Thumb Palm thimble from forefinger.

Suddenly open right hand and you again have a thimble on each finger-tip.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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