This Completes Your Thimble


A Thimble Act of this kind may be finished after the Production of the first eight thimbles—that is, the two surprise productions of four thimbles on each hand. The double production of two sets of four thimbles on each hand, however, gives double the punch to the act. Producing thimbles in such numbers as a finish for the act gives a smashing climax to single thimble sleights. The act may be shortened by omitting some of the single thimble moves.

Trouser Leg Production:

Hat Production:

Placing holders with thimbles inside of bottoms of trousers is another method for supplying thimbles for Productions.

Sew a holder of four thimbles inside bottom edge of right trouser's leg and a holder of three thimbles inside left trouser's leg.

Figure 113.

Have thimble on right forefinger and vanish it into the air -- in reality, by Thumb Palming it. Slip this thimble from Thumb Palm on to second finger. Reach up under left trouser. Get the three thimbles from holder on to your free fingers -- first, third, and fourth.

Remove right hand with all fingers curled into palm but forefinger. Show this finger freely with thimble on it. You apparently vanished a thimble into the air and found it again under your left trouser.

Do the Pull-Away Vanish (Principle No. 8) — disappearing thimble from right forefinger supposedly in left hand. You really Thumb Palm this thimble in right hand.

Reach up under right trouser's leg with left hand, get thimbles on all finger-tips, remove hand with fingers curled into palm except for forefinger. Show this freely with thimble on it -- apparently the same thimble which you just vanished in the left hand.

Bring hands to front of body, backs of hands to audience. Do Thimble Jump from Hand to Hand as taught you above. See Figure 101. Perform this two or three times. Then say to audience:

"I just overheard someone remark that I ought to use more than one thimble. I do! I use EIGHT."

Open fingers wide and show all eight thimbles at once -- one on each finger-tip.

Hat Production:

Another method of getting four thimbles. Have four placed inside of the tuck in the crown of a soft felt hat. Have hat on table nearby.

Figure 114.

After you have vanished thimble from forefinger of right hand and Thumb Palmed it, reach into hat with left hand and insert each finger into a thimble. Figure 115. Remove hand with thimble on forefinger exposed and other fingers curled into palm. Figure 116. Then make your big production of four thimbles. Or, if you desire to produce eight thimbles from the hat, have three more thimbles concealed in another fold inside of hat. After apparently vanishing a thimble, reach in with right hand, get the three thimbles on fingertips. The Thumb Palmed thimble makes the fourth for the right hand. Suddenly produce these four in right hand. Or, produce all eight thimbles at the same time.


This outline gives you the sequence of Productions and Vanishes just to make it clear to you the effects which the audience sees as you proceed with your Thimble Act:

1 - Reach into air with left hand.

Reach into air with right hand and produce a thimble on tip of forefinger.

2 - Vanish thimble in left hand.

3 - Show both hands empty.

4 - Produce thimble on right forefinger from empty left hand.

5 - Vanish it again in left hand by pulling it away from right.

6 - Produce thimble from behind left elbow on right forefinger.

7 - Toss thimble into air and it vanishes.

8 - Produce thimble at right finger-tip again by reaching into air.

9 - Change silver thimble to red one.

10 - Change red thimble back to original silver one.

11 - Vanish silver thimble in air again.

12 - Produce thimble on right forefinger from behind left knee.

13 - Vanish it by striking right hand on left.

14 - Produce it on right forefinger again from left elbow.

15 - Vanish thimble suddenly and show both sides of both hands concealing nothing.

16 - Produce it on tip of second finger of right hand.

17 - Vanish by pounding thimble into top of head.

18 - Produce from mouth.

19 - Vanish in mouth and swallow.

20 - Produce from right ear.

21 - Vanish in mouth again.

22 - Produce from under right side of vest.

23 - Vanish in left hand.

24 - Produce from under left side of vest.

25 - Jump thimble from hand to hand several times.

26 - Vanish thimble from right forefinger into air.

27 - Produce it on right forefinger again.

28 - First big surprise production-Four thimbles—one on each of right fingers.

29 - Produce thimble on forefinger of left hand.

30 - Second big surprise production-Four thimbles—one on each of left fingers.

31 - Drop thimbles from both hands into glass.

32 - Produce thimble on right forefinger again from the air.

33 - Third big surprise production-Four thimbles again on right hand.

34 - Produce thimble on left forefinger.

35 - Fourth big surprise production-Four thimbles again on left hand,

36 - Drop thimbles from both hands into glass, and Act is completed,


This effect is a variation of THE MISER'S DREAM taught you in a former lesson, using coins, The same principles are applied to the use of thimbles, Review the effect with coins before you study this variation and you will have no difficulty in mastering this new one, fig

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