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Performer removes deck of cards from case and fans it. He divides it into two equal packets and gives spectator his choice of one. Magician and spectator each hold half of the cards now. Magician holds his cards behind his back, and spectator selects a card from his packet and places it among cards in Magician's hands. Performer turns to audience, holds his packet against his forehead, and tells what card spectator placed in packet. The Magician's packet is kept squared up all the time, and is not fanned.


1--A deck of playing cards.


To Prepare:

Remove the King and Queen of Hearts and the Jack of Diamonds from the deck. Shuffle the deck well and count off 23 cards.

These 23 cards must be specially prepared. Take one card and place it on a board. With a sharp pen-knife, cut out the index number and figure in one corner of the card. Figure 8.

Prepare the other 22 cards in the same way, making all the holes as nearly the same size as possible. Prepare the Queen of Hearts in the same way also.

Place the 23 prepared cards together in a packet with the holes all in line. Then place the Queen of Hearts on the "Bottom" of the packet and the Jack of Diamonds on the "Top."

If any card from the other half of the deck is placed in this packet, except on the top or bottom, it can easily be detected. The index shows plainly through the holes cut in the other cards.

Figure 9.

The prepared part of the cards can easily be hidden by the right thumb as you hold cards in your hand. Figure 10.

Place the King of Hearts under the Queen at the "Bottom" of the deck. Then put this prepared half of the cards on the other half. By fanning cards out, faces up, you can easily find the King of Hearts. You know then to divide the cards into two packets at this point.

In handling the deck, use moderate care not to expose the index holes.

Place deck in card case.

To Perform:

Remove case from pocket and take cards out.

"An interesting experiment in thought transference is performed with a deck of cards."

Fan cards and show faces.

"A deck of fifty-two cards including the Joker. I will separate the deck into two equal halves."

As you fan cards, locate the King of Hearts and remove the cards above it. Hold prepared cards in left hand and others in right. Say to spectator nearby:

"Will you please select one of these packets?"

Hold them out for him to select, holding the right one a little closer to him. If he selects the right one, say:

"Thank you, will you please take the cards now in your own hands?"

Give him the chosen cards. If he selects the left packet, say:

"Thank you, I shall use the ones you selected. The other half of the deck I shall give to the gentleman over here."

Give regular cards to another nearby spectator. Regardless of which packet spectator selects, you keep the prepared one. Now proceed.

"I am going to ask you to select any card from the ones that you hold. Look at it, but do not let me see what the card is. While I hold my half of the deck behind my back, place your card anywhere you choose among mine."

As you are talking, slip the King from the "Bottom" of the deck to the "Top" over the Jack of Diamonds there. Protect index opening of cards with thumb. Hold cards in back of you, either squared up or slightly fanned to your left. Have spectator insert selected card into packet.

"Just square up the cards, please."

Spectator squares up cards in your hands. Now turn to face audience. Keep index opening well covered with first two fingers of right hand. With faces of cards toward you, remove fingers from index holes and cover with thumb. Now hold cards so that audience can see face of Queen of Hearts on "Bottom" of packet.

Now bring pack back to horizontal position as you talk with spectator assisting you.

"Now, sir, if you will just touch the back of my left hand with your right hand and at the same time think hard of the card you placed in the deck "

Spectator places his right hand on your left. Raise cards to your forehead and, as you do so, lift thumb and read index of inserted card through index holes. Let us suppose the 10 of Hearts is the selected card.

"Are you thinking of your card? Think hard. It was a red card -- a heart. The -(hesitate) - Ten of Hearts. Is that correct, sir?"

Hesitate as you name color and suit and number—then come out suddenly with the name of card.

Work this up with Showmanship.

Fan the cards with right hand and remove the 10 of Hearts. Return to spectator.

"Will you, madam, also please help me with this experiment? While the cards are behind my back, just remove any card from your packet and place it among mine. Remember your card."

Spectator removes card from her packet and places it in in yours. Go through the same routine of having her touch your left hand and raising cards to forehead, in the meantime getting a look at the index of selected card by lifting thumb from holes. Cover index holes with thumb again.

Suppose the selected card this time is the Ace of Spades.

"It is a (hesitate)—black card. It has writing on the face. --- The Ace of


This may be continued if you desire, having a few more spectators select cards.

"I find your minds very nicely attuned so let us see whether we cannot catch the further vibrations in the audience."

Now you may proceed with your mind reading act.

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