The Throwing Vanish


A lighted cigarette is thrown into left hand. Hand is closed and then opened, and cigarette is found to have disappeared.

When two of the three packets are turned over, notice the cards that were on the bottom of each. Assume that one is a four spot and the other a two spot.

Figure 3.

If you have removed 19 cards from packet in left hand, fan the remaining cards to the right. If you have merely separated these 19 cards, fan only those cards under your little finger, disregarding the 19 cards. Add the numbers on the two exposed cards of the selected packets -- in this case, four plus two, making six. Count off six cards mentally from those fanned in your left hand.

The number of remaining cards will tell you the number of the bottom card of the selected packet. If five cards remain, then that concealed card is a five spot, and so on.

"We have one pile left. None of us know what the bottom card is on that packet. That is where Magic comes to the rescue. A little spirit of Magic jumps on my shoulder and whispers in my left ear that the bottom card on the selected pile is A FIVE SPOT!"

Turn over the selected packet and show the card to be a five spot.


This effect works on a mathematical principle and will never fail you if you do each move properly.

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