The Throwaway Coat

This has been popular with stage performers -- among them, Houdini, Carter, Blackstone, Percy Abbott.


Performer has his hands tied with a piece of tape behind his back. He steps behind a screen or curtain for a moment, tosses his coat out, and immediately comes out. with his hands still tied. He then steps behind screen again and gets his coat on in an instant while hands are securely bound.

This makes a good effect to use before the Cabinet Seance. It gives a good excuse for working without your coat if you care to do so. After your coat is off, tapes are cut away, and then you proceed with seance.


Take a piece of black tape about half an inch wide and about two feet long. Have one end tied around your left wrist and the other end tied around your right wrist. This leaves about a foot of tape between your wrists. Do not have tape wrapped around wrists more than once. Also while right knot is being tied, keep tape between wrists taut. This makes right knot a SLIP KNOT.

Figure 44.

Experience will teach you that when tapes are tied in this manner, right knot is a slip knot.

Stand facing audience near curtain on stage or screen. As you talk to audience, you slip the right knot down and get right hand free of tape, leaving loop for wrist. Step behind screen or curtain or into cabinet. Quickly remove your coat and throw it out. Immediately put right wrist back into loop of tape and tighten it.

Come out and turn back to audience to show hands still tied. Figure 46.

If you desire, you can step behind curtain again and put coat on quickly. Speedy work is essential in this tie.


The paraphernalia described in this lesson can be obtained from the Tarbell System at the following prices, postage prepaid.

Siberian Chain $1.00

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