The Thoughtful Joker


Performer removes the joker from the deck and places it on the table. He then has the cards divided into two even heaps. A spectator is asked to remove any card from one heap, remember it, and place it on the other heap. A second spectator is asked to remove a card from the second heap, remember it, and place it on the first heap. The two packets of cards are then placed together and cut several times by a spectator. Magician picks up the Joker and says that it catches mental impressions from the audience. He then takes the deck of cards and tells the spectators who selected cards to watch as he fans the cards and to name to themselves their cards as they appear in the fan. Performer fans the cards, a few at a time, until the whole deck has been fanned. He now picks up the Joker again and names the two selected cards, supposedly getting the impressions from the Joker.

Deck is shuffled. Look through cards quickly to find the Joker, and as you do so, notice the two "Top" cards. Let us say they are the Eight of Spades and the Ten of Clubs. These are to be the KEY cards. Remember them.

Remove Joker from deck and place on table, face up.

"The Joker is often removed from the deck because he is more or less of a nuisance, but. in reality, the Joker is one of the wisest of cards. The Fool of the Court in olden days was many times the wisest man, and so it is with the Joker. He is very sensitive to impressions."

Riffle shuffle the deck, leaving the two Key cards on top of the deck. "First, let us divide the deck into about equal portions."

Lay down the top card on the table, then about a foot away, place the second Key card. Now deal rest of cards, one at a time, one each of the Key cards so as to make two piles. After you have done this for a while, give rest of cards to spectator and let him continue doing it.

"Just place the cards on both piles several at a time to hurry matters. Just so we have two piles of cards when you have finished. All right, that's fine. Now, reach into the pile here on the left and remove a card. Do not let me see it, but look at it yourself and remember it. Then place that card on the pile at the right."

When spectator has placed his selected card on top of right pile, turn to another spectator.

"Will you, sir, please take a card from the right pile, remember it, and place it on top of the left pile?"

Second spectator removes card, looks at it, and places it on the left pile. Then ask him to place the two piles together.

"Place one pile on top of the other, square them up, and then cut the deck a couple of times."

Cards are squared up and cut twice. Now pick up the Joker.

"The Joker, as I said, has a peculiar way of catching mental impressions, and I shall depend on him to catch your impressions as they flash by."

Replace Joker on table.

"I shall fan a few cards from the deck "

Remove seven or eight cards from the deck and fan them, faces toward spectators who selected cards.

Figure 4.

"And as I show the cards, look at them and see whether your cards are among them. When each of you gentlemen sees his card, make a strong mental impression of it by saying the name of it to yourself. Don't say anything aloud, only think it."

As you fan the cards, a few at a time, look for your Key cards -- the Eight of Spades and the Ten of Clubs, in this case. If the first card on the "Bottom" of the deck happens to be a Key card, then the "Top" card at the other end of the deck is a selected card. The other selected card will be IN FRONT of the second Key card. If the first card is not a Key card, then look through the rest of the deck as you fan the group of cards, watching for the Key cards. The card in front of each Key card is a selected card.


This is the reason why the selected cards appear in front of the Key cards: A Key card is at the bottom and a selected card is at the top of each pile of cards. When the two piles are put together, the Key card on the bottom of one pile comes on top of the selected card at the top of the other pile. Then when the deck is cut, the Key card on the bottom of the second pile comes on top of the selected card at the top of the whole deck.

After you have made a mental note of what the selected cards are and have fanned the whole deck through and placed each group on the table, pick up the Joker.

"Each of you gentlemen made a mental impression of your respective cards, did you not? I gaze at the Joker, and he! says that he gets an impression that your card, sir, is a red one -- hearts — the Nine of Hearts. And you, sir, thought of a spade — the Ace of Spades. Those were the two selected cards. Is that right? Correct! The Joker seldom fails."

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Fundamentals of Magick

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