The Silk And The Flame

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This is another pretty experiment which has been handed down from the days gone by and will, no doubt, be popular for many years to come.


A candle, resting in a candlestick, is lighted. Magician reaches into the flame and produces a bright-colored silk handkerchief from it. The candle is then removed from the candlestick and is wrapped in a piece of newspaper. This is given to a boy assistant to hold. Performer rubs the handkerchief in his hands, and it mysteriously vanishes. He tears the paper parcel in half now and, instead of the candle, takes out the missing handkerchief. The last surprise comes when he removes the burning candle from his inner coat pocket.


1-- A candle, about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and eight inches long. Just ordinary white candles which fit ordinary candlesticks may be used.

2--Two extra candles.

3-- A sheet of highly-enameled book paper, such as is used in printing. Any printer or good paper house can supply you with this. You may use white, India tint, or any light color.

4--A candlestick.

5-- A small box of matches. Also a few matches which can be ignited on anything.

6--Two silk handkerchiefs, alike.

7-- A handkerchief pull on elastic. (Furnished you Free.)

9--A piece of newspaper, about 18 inches square.


The Candle:

Cover one of the candles with the enameled paper. Merely wrap the paper around the candle and glue down the edge. Do this carefully so that paper is smooth and looks like a real candle from a short distance.

Cut away upper wick of candle and insert a match into candle to imitate wick, head of match up. Make hole in candle with a red hot hairpin or with sharp instrument so you can easily insert match. Match should protrude from candle about half an inch.

Figure 23.

Inside of your coat at upper left side, sew a special pocket. This should hold candle easily but should be not quite as deep as the candle is long. In front of this pocket in coat, sew the piece of sandpaper with rough side exposed. If you prefer, you may just pin this on, but be sure it is secure.

Figure 24.

The Candle Shell:

Take another candle and wrap enameled paper around it as you did with the first. Slip this paper shell from the candle. The shell must be the same length as the candle. Now take two pieces of candle about an inch long. Place one piece with a good wick on it in the top of the shell. Take a silk handkerchief and push it into the shell. Then insert the other piece of candle in the bottom, pushing it up flush with edge of shell. This shell should look just like candle in your inside coat pocket.

Figure 25.

Place candle in candlestick.

Figure 26.


The covered candle and candle shell may be made to look like the expensive fancy candles on the market. A little ingenuity on your part—and you can build a pretty effect.

Match Box Arrangement:

Take the small box of matches. Push box open about two-thirds of the length. Take the second silk, just like the one you placed in the candle shell. Fold it or crush it and wrap the end of handkerchief around it to make a parcel. Place this inside the cover of the match box. Push it in so that it will be held securely out of sight.

Figure 27

The Handkerchief Pull:

This is for vanishing the handkerchief later on in the experiment. Sew a small ring under bottom edge of vest, just back of your hip, about an inch back of side seam. The pull is pear-shaped with an elastic attached. The elastic may be from 12 to 18 inches in length. Experience will teach you the length best suited to your needs. Run the elastic through the lower side of ring and up to center back of vest on the under side. Secure it with a safety pin at the point where the end of elastic reaches.

Figure 2 8.

Elastic should hold the Pull just under the ring without any undue stretch of elastic. When Pull is pulled out from body a foot or so and then released, it will fly back into position.

To make it easy to get at Pull when you need it, place it in lower right vest pocket. Some performers carry it in that pocket throughout their show, while others arrange it just before performing this trick. If you need this pocket for other experiments, do not put the Pull in it until just before this trick. You will have no difficulty in doing so when you have left side turned to audience.

Figure 29. SECRET AND PATTER: To Prepare:

Have candle shell in candlestick on table. Place box of matches with silk inside near candlestick. Place the piece of newspaper nearby. Pull is in lower right vest pocket. Place real candle with match wick in special inner coat pocket with the piece of sandpaper attached in front of pocket.

To Perform:

Figure 31

This experiment may be performed without assistance, but it is well to have an assistant. Have a little girl come up from audience. Place her a little in front of you and toward your right so that she does not screen your movements from audience.

To girl:

"If you will watch me closely, I will show you the mystery of 'The Silk and the Flame.' It is taken from the story of a fairy magician who one evening gathered his little friends together by the candlelight."

Pick up box of matches with left hand and take out match with right. Strike match and light fake candle in candlestick. Hold match box in left hand as in Figure 30.

Now place right hand over box and close box with left hand, forcing the silk out of box into palm of right hand.

Figure 31

Curl right fingers around silk and keep back of right hand to audience.

Replace match-box on table.

"When they were all assembled, he reached over the flame to warm his fingers for a moment."

Move left hand over the flame. Close hand and then open as though you thought you might have something in it. Do this slowly and gracefully so that audience will be interested in watching your movements. Then move right hand over the flame.

"Suddenly he dipped his hand into the flame." Dip right hand close to flame and move up again.

Figure 32.

Uncurl fingers a little and allow silk ball to expand. Figure 33.

Finally move hand a little to side and above candle and allow silk to hang from finger-tips.

Figure 34.

"And behold, he produced a brightly colored piece of silk --just as though he grasped a beautiful butterfly that was hovering around the flame."

Spread silk out and show to audience and assistant.

"This, Mary, is magic silk made from the flame."

Place silk in lower right vest pocket. As you do this, tuck a little of it into the opening of the Pull.

Figure 35.

"Then the fairy magician picked up the candle. He struck on the table three times with it—that's a magic number."

Take candle from candlestick. Strike bottom of it three times on table, without putting out flame. This is to show that candle is solid without saying so.

"He wrapped it up in a magical newspaper. Many fairy tales in this one."

Wrap candle in the newspaper. Do not stop to extinguish the flame. As you cover candle, flame will go out. Twist the ends of the paper.

"He twisted the ends. And then he gave it to one of the little fairy princesses to hold. How would you like to be a fairy princess?"

Give wrapped fake candle to little girl assistant. Hold it at each end where solid parts of candle are. Have girl hold it the same way so that she can feel the solid candle.

Figure 36.

"You feel the candle all right, don't you? Just hold on tight."

Reach into right vest pocket with right hand. Take out silk and pull together. To do this, insert tip of forefinger into opening of "pull" and remove it from pocket with the silk. Hold "pull" against right palm with back of right hand to audience. It is easy to conceal it in this way.

Figure 37.

"Now he stroked the magic silk gently."

Take silk in left hand, removing first finger from opening in "pull." Hold "pull" in right palm with third and fourth fingers curled over it.

Figure 38.

Some performers palm the "pull" as in Figure 39.

Stroke silk twice with thumb and first two fingers of right hand.

"He tucked it into his! hands."

With fingers of left hand, work silk into the "pull" in right hand. Grasp it first by the center. About four movements should be enough to conceal silk in "pull."

Figure 40.

"Then he held it in his left hand."

Pretend to place silk in left hand. Make movement of putting it from right into left hand. Close left hand as though grasping it. Look at left hand to MISDIRECT attention from right.

Figure 41.

During this time, bring right hand back toward body and release the Full. It will fly back with silk in it, under coat and into position under ring.


In using "pull," be sure that your right forearm screens elastic. Also be careful that there are no objects in any of your pockets against which "pull" might strike and make a noise. Bringing right hand back toward body before releasing "pull" helps to keep it from making an unnecessary bang.

"But look! He opened his fingers and the silk had mysteriously disappeared."

Open both hands slowly and gracefully and show them empty.

Figure 42.

"Mary, have you still the candle? You have."

Take parcel from her. Tear it open at center and remove the silk.

Figure 43.

"And strangely, when the fairy magician touched the parcel, the candle, too, had disappeared--and in its place, was the magic silk."

When you have removed silk, crush the newspaper and fake candle into a small ball and place it on table.

"The fairy folk all wondered what had become of the candle. It occurred to the fairy magician to look in his inside pocket."

Reach into inside coat pocket. Take out the candle, and, as you do so, quickly strike the match end on the sandpaper. Remove candle with wick lighted.

"And there, resting peacefully, was the candle, light and all."

Place lighted candle in the candlestick. NOTE:

In making up the match ends for the candles, some magicians like to use wax matches. These are imported from Italy. You can buy them at some of the large department stores. Ordinary modern ones, however, answer the purpose very nicely.

THE CANDLE. THE SILK, AND THE PAPER TUBE Another version of the preceding effect. EFFECT:

Performer produces a silk from the flame of the candle and tucks part of it into his vest pocket. He then covers candle with a tube which does not completely conceal it. The top is still seen, lighted. Magician then removes candle from tube and wraps it in a piece of paper. Suddenly the silk handkerchief vanishes from his pocket. He tears open the wrapped candle, and there is the silk instead of the candle. He removes the tube from the candlestick and, to everyone's astonishment, there is the candle in the candlestick.


Figure 47.

Similar to that used in the preceding experiment. HOW TO CONSTRUCT APPARATUS:

Cover a candle with India tinted enamel paper.

Around this wrap another piece of the same paper and glue the edge down. Make this so that you can slip it off to make a candle shell. Into this shell, insert a small piece of candle with a wick. This forms the top of shell. Push a silk tight up against piece of candle.

Figure 44.

Burn wicks a little of both solid candle and the fake.

Now slip shell down over solid candle and place both in the candlestick. Bottom edge of shell should come just a little inside of candlestick so that audience cannot see it.

Figure 45.

To audience, the faked candle looks like an ordinary candle.

Now make a tube out of paper or cardboard. This must fit easily over candle and shell and rest on candlestick, showing about half an inch of candle above it.

Figure 46.


To Perform:

Have candle and shell set in candlestick. Have tube nearby on table.

Have match-box with silk in it also on table.

Light candle and produce silk from flame as taught to you in preceding effect of this lesson.

Show tube empty and place it over candle. Shell extends above it so that you will have no difficulty in grasping it. Remove shell, leaving solid candle concealed in tube.

Be careful not to expose open bottom of shell to audience.

Figure 47.

Wrap shell in piece of newspaper.

Vanish silk in the "pull." Tear open paper parcel, containing faked candle, and produce the silk in place of the candle.

Lift tube from candlestick and show that candle has returned to its original place in the candlestick.

Lift candle out of candlestick and show it to audience. Then drop it back into candlestick.

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