The Routine With Billiard Balls

Instead of just teaching you the various sleights with billiard balls, I have worked up a routine with them so as to get dramatic action, so important in good entertaining. Into the first series of manipulations I have woven a story to account for the appearance and disappearance of each ball.

In this work, watch your angles carefully. Also do not forget that your audience must see every move. You must be careful not to hide your moves behind your body and, by all means, avoid facial contortions in performing sleights. As Cardini says, "Entertain your audience -- and not yourself."

Now to help you time your work, keep in mind the psychological reaction of your audience as you vanish and produce each ball. This is the reaction you get: When you vanish the ball, the minds of your audience say, "Gone," and then add, "Where is it?" You produce the ball and they say, "There it is," — then finally, "How did he do it?" You must also react in accordance with the way your audience reacts.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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