The Pullaway Vanish


Figure 27.

Cigarette is held in closed fist of left hand. Performer pushes it into left hand with his right. Yet when left hand is opened, cigarette is found to have vanished.

To Perform:

Pinch one end of cigarette so that it is flat. Place it in closed left fist with pinched end upward.

Figure 27.

Place first two fingers of right hand against end of cigarette. Grip pinched end firmly between first and second finger-tips.

Figure 2 8.

Push cigarette into closed left hand. To audience it must appear that you merely push cigarette with right fingers but do not grasp it.

Figure 29.

Draw left hand away as if you held cigarette in it. Cigarette remains gripped in right fingers. Hold it in horizontal position with back of hand to audience.

Figure 30 shows side view away from audience.

Curve right fingers inward to palm.

Open left hand and show it to audience. Cigarette has vanished.

Figure 31.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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