The Pullaway Single Knot


Performer ties a single knot in a handkerchief. Suddenly the knot disappears.


Hold handkerchief by opposite corners and twist it rope fashion. End A is in left hand, and end B is in right hand. Figure 1 is view toward yourself.

Place end A between first and second fingers of left hand. B is held between thumb and first two fingers of right hand.

Figure 2.

Bring right hand with B in front of left wrist. Figure 3.

Figure 5.

Bring B over base of left index finger. Or, if silk is very large, bring it back of thumb and over base of it.

Figure 4.

Tie B around A so as to form a single knot. Show knot so that all can see it. Turn palm of left hand toward audience as far as possible so that they can see nothing is concealed.

Figure 5.

Pull B to the right and A to the left and toward you. It appears that you are tightening knot.

Figure 6.

Then the silk slides off left fingers and unties itself. Be sure to keep end A grasped between fingers to accomplish this.

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