The Principles Of Card Effects

Card tricks fill an important place in the realm of Magic. These tricks are based on sleight of hand and on mechanical arrangements.

Sleight of hand is a great art. It involves very definite principles which must be practiced a great deal. I give you here the principles which form the foundation for the card effects depending on sleights. These principles are not difficult to master, but they do require careful thought, study and practice. These principles are the backbone of Magic, and once you master them you have a wonderful foundation for building your card effects.

In Card Magic are also included the fancy sleights and flourishes that some Magicians use. These really belong to the field of the juggler, however, not to the magician. My aim is to teach you Magic which mystifies and not jugglery which is merely a mechanical accomplishment gained from years of practice.

Practice these principles faithfully. You will be delighted to notice your improvement in performing each time you try. I list here the principles which you must master to perform the effects given you in this lesson. The explanations of the working of the principles are embodied in the explanations of the effects in their proper places:

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