The Pivot Vanish


Cigarette is patted into the left fingers, and the left hand is closed around it. In a moment the cigarette is found to have disappeared from left hand.

To Perform:

Hold cigarette in left hand at tips of first and second fingers and thumb. With tip of second finger of right hand, pat cigarette, pushing it into left hand about half an inch.

Figure 12

Continue patting cigarette into left hand a little at a time until only about a quarter of an inch extends beyond left fingers.

Figure 13.

With second finger-tip of right hand, press outward on end of cigarette. This pivots it into right hand.

Figure 14.

Cigarette goes just inside crotch of thumb. Place thumb against it to hold in place.

Figure 15.

Hold right hand naturally, back to audience. Close left hand as though it holds the cigarette, then open it and show cigarette has vanished.

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