The Pickup Vanish

Performer holds a lighted cigarette in right hand. He closes left hand around it and takes it away from right. Suddenly he opens his left hand and cigarette has vanished. It is then produced from left knee.

To Perform:

Hold cigarette as in Figure 8. Lighted end of cigarette is up and it is grasped between first and second fingers of right hand, Hold palm of hand toward audience so that cigarette is plainly visible,

Now turn palm of right hand toward yourself. Curl left hand around cigarette.

Figure 9.

As you close left hand, supposedly around cigarette, drop cigarette into horizontal position, extending from right fingers,

Figure 10.

Close left hand and draw it away from right. Curve right fingers with cigarette toward right palm. Keep back of right hand to audience and be careful that end of cigarette where you grasp it is not exposed.

Figure 11.

Open left hand and show cigarette has vanished. Produce it from behind right knee.


The smoke coming from the lighted cigarette may give you away if you are not careful. The hand concealing the cigarette should be kept in slight motion to scatter the smoke.

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