The Phantom Coin

The shell coin offers many interesting variations in Coin Magic. It may be introduced into Coin Sleights with excellent results.

Here are two good effects, using the shell:

Take two coins, one covered with the shell. Show coins freely and show hands empty. To all appearances place both coins in left hand, but in reality place one coin and the shell, retaining the other coin Finger Palmed in right hand (as you did in the preceding effect). Figure 74.

Call attention again to the TWO coins in left hand. Turn back of hand to audience and slip shell over coin in left hand. Now expose palm of hand and show ONE coin. Figure 75.

Now reach down behind your knee and produce coin from right hand, or from left elbow. The effect is that the coin vanished from left hand and appeared again at another place.

Another effect is this one, in which you show a coin and the shell as TWO coins. Place them in left hand as in Figure 74. Show them freely, then cover coins with right fingers, pretending to carry one away. In this move slip shell over coin as in Figure 75. Then vanish imaginary coin from right hand, and show hand empty.

Now pick up coin with shell in right hand and vanish by Thumb Palming method. Drop coin into upper coat pocket.

Open left hand and show that coin has vanished.

If you wish to produce the coins again, do not drop coin with shell into pocket. Keep in right hand and produce it from behind knee as one coin. Place it in left hand, retaining shell in right hand, and produce shell from left elbow as second coin. Place shell also in left hand as coin.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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