The Patriotic Paper Balls

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A very pretty experiment that is easy to perform. It gives you one or two moves in sleight of hand.


Three bowls are shown empty and placed in a row about six inches apart on the table. In front of each bowl Magician places three tissue paper balls—red balls in front of one bowl, white balls in front of second bowl, and blue balls in front of third bowl. He drops the three red balls one by one into the first bowl; then the white balls in the same

manner into the middle bowl; and finally the blue balls into the third bowl. Magician calls attention to the patriotic nature of the colors—this being the reason that the balls cannot be kept apart. He turns the bowls over and instead of three balls of the same color in each bowl, we see red, white, and blue balls in each bowl.


1--Three bowls, preferably deep like soup bowls.

2--Three red tissue paper balls. Three white tissue paper balls. Three blue tissue paper balls.

Balls should be made in this way:

For each ball take a piece of tissue six or seven inches square.

Fold all four corners of the paper in a little beyond center of sheet. Then keep on folding in corners until you have a ball tightly pressed together so that it will not spring open very much. Ball should be about 3/4 inch in diameter.


TO PREPARE: Have the three bowls stacked inside of each other. In the top one have the nine balls of paper. These bowls may be all ready on the table or may be brought in and placed there for the experiment.

Separate the bowls and throw balls on table. Show bowls empty, one at a time, and place them in a row on the table, about six inches apart. In front of the bowl on the left side (1) place the three blue balls in a row about 2 1/2 inches apart. In front of the middle bowl (2) place the three white balls. In front of the bowl on right side (3) place the red balls. Study illustration carefully for arrangement of bowls and paper.

"When you have looked at our American flag, I wonder whether you have ever thought why the colors, red, white and blue, were used instead of green, black and pink, or purple orange and lavender. It is because of the patriotic nature of red, white and blue and the inseparable bond of harmony between them. I can perhaps explain it better with a few objects which I have here—three bowls and three red, three white and three blue tissue paper balls. Bowl 1 is empty and I will set it here. Bowl 2 is empty and I will place it nearby. Bowl 3 is also empty and I place it here."

Show the bowls one at a time as you say this, and place them in their positions.

"In front of each bowl I shall place three balls. In front of Bowl 3—these three red balls."

Place three red balls in a row in front of Bowl 3. "In front of Bowl 2--three white balls."

Place three white balls in row in front of Bowl 2.

"In front of Bowl I—three blue ones."

Place three blue balls in front of Bowl 1.

"I will place each color, one at a time, in their respective bowls. In Bowl 3, this red ball."

Show right hand empty and pick up red ball between first and second fingers and thumb. Pretend to put it into Bowl 3. Audience thinks you do put it in, but this is what you really do—move ball down from first and second finger with thumb to middle of third finger and curve third and fourth fingers inward to FINGER PALM the ball. You will find the movement easy with a little practice. Back of hand is toward audience throughout most of experiment.

Then pick up white ball and hold with thumb and index finger of right hand, while red ball is still finger palmed.

"In Bowl 2, this white ball."

You pretend to put white ball into Bowl 2, but this is what you really do. You drop RED ball into Bowl 2. Then you bring White ball down with the thumb of right hand from first and second finger tips to middle of third finger and finger palm the White ball as you did the Red one originally. You now have your first and second fingers and thumb free to pick up another ball.

Through most of the experiment these moves are the same:

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Fundamentals of Magick

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