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This effect may be presented in any kind of Oriental program to good advantage.


Performer shows a piece of soft, white clothesline about eight feet long. He coils this up in his left hand and places rope on table. Suddenly he jerks up one end of rope and a number of single knots have been formed in rope. He places rope on table again. In a moment Magician again jerks up one end of rope, and the knots have disappeared.


1--A piece of very soft clothesline, six to eight feet long.

A piece of soft, twisted cord, such as is used to hold curtains or on bathrobes, is ideal for this experiment.

The rope used must be soft so that it will knot and unknot easily. Cut tassels from bathrobe cords and you will find these cords most satisfactory for use here.

To Perform:


To Perform:

Hold rope near one end as shown in Figure 37. Rope lies over palms of both hands and is held in place by thumbs

Bring right hand up, turning back of it to audience and tips of fingers toward left hand. Bring C part of rope up near left hand and let end of rope fall back of end in left hand.

Figure 38.

Grasp C in left hand, making a loop of rope. Size of this loop should be about six inches in diameter. You will have to experiment with size of loop to get the proper size for the particular rope you use. Size must be right to make forming of the knots easy.

Figure 39.

Take rope again in right hand in position shown in Figure 37. Make another loop in the rope, bringing end of rope back of loop again. Study Figure 40 carefully to get proper looping of rope.

Continue making loops until most of the rope has been used. When you reach the right-hand end, grasp it between thumb and first finger of left hand and release right hand.

Figure 41.

Place rope on table, and as you do so, pull right-hand end through the loops. Audience is not aware that you do this. To them it appears that you merely looped the rope and placed it on the table.

Now pick up right-hand end of rope and give whole rope a quick jerk.

Figure 42.

The rope will stretch out with a series of knots in it, about an equal distance apart. There will be a knot formed for every loop you made in the rope. Suspend rope from right hand and show.

Figure 43.


To Untie the Knots Magically:

Call attention to the fact that the knots are genuine by starting the first one and pulling it out big enough to insert the fingers of your left hand.

Study Figure 44 carefully. The exact position of knot and the point at which rope leaves knot are important things.

Take up the next knot, open it and hold in same manner as first one in left hand. Continue to do this until you have all the knots gathered up in left hand. Then grasp right-hand end of rope between thumb and first finger of left hand also.

Figure 45.

Pull right-hand end through loops and allow rest of rope to hang suspended from left hand. The knots automatically untie themselves and the rope hangs straight down.

Figure 46.

The tying and untying knots may be greatly elaborated on for stage production. Have two brass bowls or jars a few feet apart. Show each empty. Coil the rope and place it in one bowl. Do not pull end through loops until rope is concealed in bowl. Take another rope and tie the series of knots in it as taught to you above. Gather up the knotsā€”see Figures 44, 45. Place rope in second bowl. When it is concealed, pull right-hand end of rope through the loops.

Figure 47

Now you proceed to show the sympathetic nature between the ropes. Pull out the first rope and show that knots have appeared in it. Take out the second rope, which was knotted, and show that the knots have disappeared.

Figure 47


Figure 4 8.

I believe this knot was brought out by Chefalo, the famous Italian Magician. It works very nicely in an Oriental program.


Performer ties a double knot. Then to make knot even more secure, he loops an end of the rope through the knot several times. In spite of this, the knot disappears on command.


1--A piece of rope or cord.


To Perform:

Tie a single knot in center of rope. Note just how knot is made with part 1 of the rope coming up behind part 2.

Figure 4 8.

Tie another single knot. This time part 1 comes in front of part 2.

Figure 49.

Bring right end of rope down through loop A. Figure 50.

Now bring same end of rope up through loop B. Figure 51.

Pull on both ends of rope and knots disappear.

To give this experiment a Japanese or Chinese atmosphere, perform it this way: After knot is tied, give one end to one assistant and the other to a second assistant. Stand behind knot and fan it. As you fan, assistants pull rope and knot disappears.

If performing Chefalo's Knot at a club or dinner engagement and using patter, explain that this knot is one of the strongest knots used by sailors. Not only is it a double knot, but it is made even more secure by putting end of rope through the loops.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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