The Mystic Card Clock Dial

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This is similar in principle to the effect just described, but has a slightly different effect.


Twelve cards are placed on the table, backs up, to represent the numbers on a clock dial. A spectator is asked to think of any hour on the dial, and while performer turns away, to look at the card at that hour. Magician then gathers up the twelve cards and places them on the deck. He holds deck behind his back, removes a card, and places it in his pocket. He asks spectator to name the hour selected. He then places eleven cards in dial form on table again, leaving a space at the chosen hour. He removes the card he just placed in his pocket and shows it to be the selected card.


Have deck well shuffled by spectator. Place cards on table in a circle to form the numbers of a clock dial. Count them as you place them down, starting with One o'clock.

Figure 15.

"This is what is known as the magic clock dial and was a popular means for communicating time from one magician to another in centuries gone by. For instance, if a magician wanted to make a date with another magician who lived at a distance, he would merely select the hour, turn over the card at that hour for a moment, and then replace it again. Suppose he wanted to meet his friend at four o'clock. He would turn over the card at number four."

Turn over fourth card and show it. Then turn back of card up again.

"Then he would turn the card over again. Instantly, on a similarly arranged clock dial in his friend's home, a duplicate card would turn over. Rather peculiar, I assure you. However, seeing is believing. While my back is turned, please choose any hour, turn over the card at that hour, remember the name of the card, and turn it back to its original position with its back up."

Turn your back to spectators. After your instructions have been followed, face audience again.

"You have thought of an hour and noted the card at that hour."

Pick up the cards, starting with ONE. Place ONE on TWO, TWO on THREE, etc. until all have been picked up. Square up the twelve cards and place them on the deck, keeping them separated by left little finger. Place deck behind your back.

"With the cards behind my back, I shall locate the card you selected. Quite easy as the selected card automatically turns over. Here it is now."

Hold the twelve cards as ONE, show quickly, and place them in your right trousers pocket.

"I shall pl ace it temporarily in my pocket."

Bring pack up in front again.

"In order to check up, let us arrange the other cards in form of a clock dial again. What was the hour you selected, sir? Six o'clock, the gentleman says."

Lay the cards down, starting with ONE o'clock and count the hours aloud, leaving a space for Six o'clock. Place rest of deck aside.

Figure 16.

Lay cards down with left hand. At the same time, place right hand in your trousers' pocket and locate the SIXTH card. Place it in front of the others so that you can reach it quickly when you need it.

"The Sixth card is missing from the clock."

Remove the selected card from your pocket and place it, face up, at six o'clock on the dial.

"Does this happen to be the card you selected? It is. Then all is well."

FlGr Hb


You may repeat the experiment in this manner. Have a card selected again. Then gather up the twelve cards and place them in your pocket BEHIND the eleven cards you already have there. Remove the eleven cards and place them on table, saying that the selected card still remains in your pocket. When you learn the number of the card, locate it quickly, and bring it out.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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