The Law Of Growth

True success is built on the law of growth, starting with little and through accumulation adding day by day to a solid foundation until the goal is reached. Too many people do not understand this. They want to start at the top with a big splash and soon they find that they cannot keep up because of the lack of a solid foundation. Almost invariably, they sink into oblivion.

To follow the law of growth, you must understand values. If you have not already learned this, it is well for you to start right now. Watch every penny to see that you get from it its full value and study the channels you send it into to see whether you get something substantial and something adapted to your needs in return.

To understand the law of growth better, take this example: Give one man a dollar and he sends it into the wrong channels. His lack of appreciation of values results in his having nothing in short order. Give another man a dollar and he soon has two dollars, then four dollars, eight dollars, and so on. The second man knows values and knows the channels to send his money into.

I could tell you some interesting experiences I have had in getting people on their feet financially. These experiences prove that it isn't a case of how much money you have to start with but what you can do with it. With a very few dollars to work with, one of the boys became a big-time number in a period of a year and his bookings extend two years ahead. Another on whom I spent considerable money but who insisted on following his own poor judgment, is now head over heels in debt and has only piece-meal bookings in cheaper theaters. Thus you can see the importance of understanding values and the law of growth.

Thus in giving you illusions I have aimed at simplicity so that you will have a solid foundation to build on. I have selected the practical, the usable effects. Here you have a basis to which to apply the law of growth which will lead you to ultimate success.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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