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Performer shows a plate of coins, then pours them into a borrowed hat which a boy is holding. He says that he placed fifteen coins in the hat, but the audience is a bit skeptical as the coins were not counted. Boy counts the coins and finds that there are actually fifteen. Coins are poured back into the hat again. Boy then gives performer two of the coins, which leaves thirteen in the hat. The two are wrapped in a handkerchief and given to the boy to hold. Mysteriously the coins wander back into the hat from the handkerchief. Boy counts the coins from the hat onto the plate and finds that there are fifteen as at first. Magician repeats the experiment, leaving the audience as thoroughly puzzled as ever.


1 -- Seventeen coins, all alike. Half dollars or palming coins are best.

3 -- A small piece of magician's wax.

4 -- A prepared handkerchief -- with two coins, the same as those used in the experiment, sewed into the corner.

Sew square of white cloth large enough to cover coins over one corner of the handkerchief, making a pocket. Put another piece of cloth between the two coins to keep them from clinking when handkerchief is handled carelessly. Now insert coins in pocket of handkerchief and sew them in. Figure 1.

This pocket is made the same way as the one in Figure 11, Lesson 14, in which you sewed in pieces of a card.


To Prepare:

The prepared handkerchief should be in one of your right pockets.

Rub the small piece of wax well between the fingers to make it soft and stick it on your lower vest button. The piece of wax need be only about an eighth of an inch in diameter, or less.

Have fifteen palming coins on the plate.

Place two coins in left hand in position for Finger Palming. Take plate with coins in left hand, fingers under it and thumb on top. Coins can be held between fingers and plate easily, and because of natural position of hand holding plate, audience will not suspect that you have coins concealed. Figure 2.

To Perform:

Come forward with plate of coins in left hand and two coins concealed underneath.

"To begin with, I want to borrow a boy -- a boy that would be interested in money. Ah, there is a boy who looks like a good financier. I know that you will be glad to help me to mystify this audience financially. (Get boy to start forward.) By the way, we must also have a hat. Will some gentleman please give my friend his hat for a little while? There is one. Just bring it along with you."

To make it easier to get the boy to come up, you should come closer to audience. Pick out a boy and beckon to him and help to get him to the platform. As he comes forward, take his arm and lead him up to the center of the stage. Have boy stand at your left.

"Before we start with financial affairs, it might be well for us to get acquainted and exchange references. What is your name?"

Boy tells his name. We shall assume that it is John. "John. That's a good name. My great-great grandfather's

name was John. They named Johnny-Cake after him.


I'm glad to meet you. I have a lot of confidence

in you

and I suppose you have a lot of confidence in me.


course, the audience has confidence in us for we

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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