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Character Unfoldment has thus given rise to the Four Sentiments. These Sentiments were defined by Harry Daniels, eminent ontologist, a number of years ago. They have opened up a powerful aid in reasoning out and analyzing life's problems. Each Sentiment is the motivating power of each of the stages of Character Unfoldment and is allied with the Three Temperaments.


This is based on the law of self-preservation. The first interests of the new-born babe are eating, sleeping, and

enjoying physical comfort. The baby is helpless -- it is dependent on someone else to care for it. It trusts in other people, and its rebellion comes only when things displease its physical senses. It judges by impressions. It is emotional.

Study the baby -- his little upturned nose and fat cheeks -- and you have the characteristics of the man motivated by the Commercial Sentiment.

In the world at large, this Sentiment acts as the basis for enterprises which supply the body with material needs. Commercialism has thus arisen and fosters the occupations of life dealing with physical pleasures of the people.

It is the Sentiment of Chemistry, which deals with the attraction and repulsion of chemical elements in the processes of life. It is magnetic and attracts those things which supply material comfort.

It is the Sentiment of Authority Worship. A man in whom this Sentiment predominates depends on the doctor for health advice, the minister for religious help, and so on.


This Sentiment is developed through man's necessity for protection. As a Commercialist he trusted to others and found that they did not come up to his expectations in emergencies. He bumped into obstacles. He discovered that many of his teachers were wrong. He found opposing forces on every hand and a power in nature that was willing to destroy him if he would let it. So he had to build defenses to protect himself. Instead of remaining an AUTHORITY WORSHIPER, he becomes a DOUBTING THOMAS. Now everything has to be proved to him before he will believe it. Instead of being guided by his emotions, he depends on cold hard facts.

Now for his protection he has developed memory, observation, concentration, language and expression, home and family protection, methods of aggression and defense, caution, secrecy, ownership, and monetary standards.

For his characteristics, he develops hardened muscles and bones, his face squares and his turned-up concave nose becomes a convex one with a high bridge. He burns up vitality in active defense and his cheeks lose their fulness.

An the Commercial Sentiment is magnetic, the Protective Sentiment is repellent. As the former is warm, the latter is cold. They are opposites in characteristics. The Protective Sentiment makes laws and wants those laws enforced. It forces its opinions on others. It studies the structures of things -- it gives resistance and the power to withstand the opposing environment. It demands material proof.


This Sentiment makes the self-investigator or student in man. With the commercialist believing in authorities and the Protectionist being a Doubting Thomas, man in this third

development goes a step higher and says he will find the truth through investigation. He seeks to understand and improve.

The Commercialist moves in a small circle because he is satisfied. He believes in letting well enough alone. If his physical wants are satisfied and he already has more than he needs, he sees no reason to leave it. So he settles down and becomes overweight. The Protectionist gets out of the small circle because of necessity. He found opposing forces and he goes out of the small circle to build his defenses. The Evolutionist is not satisfied with what he found in either of the two circles so he starts out in new territory. He pioneers. He moves in larger circles and goes out for knowledge where either of the other two types would fear or not be interested in going.

This Sentiment is interested in the intellectual side of life and in those things which impart wisdom. It seeks understanding and better ways of doing things, paying attention to causes and effects, to result and consequences, in order to shape the environment of man so he can meet the greatest happiness of mind and body. This Sentiment is inspirational, imaginative, creative, reasoning, devotional and expansive in thought, craving for harmony, liberty and justice.


This is the highest stage of development. After a man has gone through the other three Sentiments and knows from experience the TRUTH about things and the way in which to handle them to the best advantage, he becomes a MASTER and can stand on his own individuality.

This Sentiment comes as a result of the intermingling of the other three Sentiments. It is the result of construction, force, and intelligence. It embraces the god of love, of power and of wisdom. In it are born culture, progress, worship, humanitarianism, love, unselfishness, rulership, and the highest faculties of man. It expresses maturity. Its unselfishness is important. It realizes the power of cooperation and of helping others. It has learned that only by helping one another can the members of the human race survive.

The Commercial Sentiment, being based on self-preservation, is naturally selfish. It thinks of self first -- it would rather receive than give. The Individual Sentiment gets its greatest pleasure in giving -- its happiness is in making others happy. The greatest masters of the ages were strongly developed in this Sentiment.

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