The Elusive Hindu

This is a fine illusion for the performer who carries with him a man assistant or for the woman magician who carries a girl assistant.


Performer dresses as a Hindu. He shows a Phantom Framework and sets it up two or three feet in front of the back curtain. He walks behind it and audience can see his legs behind the frame. He places a triangular top on the framework and then gets a three-sided parlor screen. He stands on the Phantom Platform and places the screen in front of him. Assistant now comes out, wearing a cap and mustache and carrying a small revolver in his hand. He fires the revolver at the screen, then walks up and removes screen to show that Hindu has vanished. He now removes his cap and mustache and shows himself to be the performer who a moment before was dressed as a Hindu and vanished behind the screen.


1 -- Phantom Black Art Frame with Top and Handy Parlor Screen.

2 -- Black back drop and black ground cloth.

3 -- Two Hindu costumes, duplicates of each other -- with turbans and quick-change mustaches and beards. Mustaches are attached to beard and latter is mounted on wire to fasten over ears.

Figure 20.

4 -- Assistant's costume. This may consist of a blue coat with high collar, a cap with a vizor, and neat mustaches. If desired, assistant's costume may also be Hindu, but the colors must be different so that this costume will be easily distinguished from the one worn by the performer at first.

Figure 21.

Performer and assistant should be as nearly the same height and build as possible. Shoes and trousers of both should be alike.

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