The Egyptian Mummy

The Re-Birth of a Princess:

In this lesson I shall take you back - back — to some 5000 years before Christ when the historically famous Egyptian race ruled the Nile Valley. They were a slender, fair-skinned, wavy brown haired people FAMED for their accomplishments in the higher arts. Their accomplishments stand almost without equal. The study of Egyptian magic is most fascinating.

Even to this day the mystery of the Egyptian Mummy and their art of embalming stands unequaled, unsolved. Down, down, through the ages this has been a mystery of mysteries.

For that reason my Illusion, "The Egyptian Mummy" holds fascination. It will be my endeavor now to so explain and describe it as to make it easy for you to master. I urge you to give this illusion your most careful study because you will later find it to be a very valuable asset — properly mastered you will find it possesses good entertainment value.


Performer calls attention to the Egyptian burial case, showing all sides. The front door is opened revealing two inner doors on which are painted the picture of a mummy case. These two doors are in turn opened revealing the figure of a mummy inside the cabinet. The mummy is removed. The back door is opened wide and spectators allowed to look through the cabinet or mummy case. The rear door is closed, the mummy placed back in position inside and the doors closed. Upon opening the front doors again, a girl dressed as Egyptian Princess is seen, the mummy having vanished. Apparently the mummy has changed to a living Princess.


1 -- The illusion cabinet.

2 -- An imitation mummy.

3 -- Girl assistant dressed as Egyptian Princess. PREPARATION:

The construction of the illusion cabinet itself is best seen by studying the illustrations.

Fig. 1 shows the outward appearance of the mummy case standing upright on a platform. The platform should be large enough so that a person can easily stand on either side of it, and the legs should be out far enough so that cabinet will not tip over with a person standing on the ledge of platform. The platform of course extends around all sides of the cabinet. Fig. 2. It can extend out nine inches to a foot at sides.

The outer part of cabinet is decorated so as to represent an Egyptian burial case. There are handles on two of the sides, which not only serve as decorations but to aid girl assistant in standing on platform at side of the cabinet.

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