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Magician borrows a dollar bill and requests that owner remembers the number. He then takes out a box of cigarettes and has one selected. He places this one in his mouth. Folding the dollar bill he tucks it into his closed left hand. In a moment he opens his hand and the bill has vanished. He lights the cigarette and finds that it does not draw well. Magician then tears the cigarette apart and discovers the dollar bill inside of it. Bill is unfolded and returned to owner to check up on the number and make sure it is his own.


1 -- A package of cigarettes.

3 — A Cigarette Pull. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

You must prepare one cigarette. Carefully remove all the tobacco except about one-half to three quarters of an inch near the end. Do not injure the paper. You will have no difficulty in removing tobacco with a pair of tweezers or a toothpick, or rolling cigarette.

Take the dollar bill and copy down the last three digits of the number and the series letter after it.

Fold the bill in half lengthwise, then in half the other way. Finally, roll up the bill as tight as possible.

Place rolled bill in hollow space in prepared cigarette. Turn cigarette as you insert bill and you will find it easy to do. When bill is well concealed in cigarette, place a little tobacco on top of it to make cigarette look natural.

Figure 83.

Take box of cigarettes. Remove all cigarettes but two. Place these two at one end of box and place prepared cigarette next to them toward inside of box.

Place box of cigarettes in pocket.

To Perform:

Come forward to audience.

"I should like to borrow a hundred-dollar bill. The gentleman sitting over there says he would, too. Or a fifty-dollar bill -- a twenty — a ten — a five — or who has a dollar? Just a dollar bill. Ah, here is a gentleman who trusts me. Thank you, sir."

Take dollar bill from gentleman. Be sure that it is not too old or too new and resembles the bill you have in cigarette. Should it be too old, say:

"It might fall apart. I need a sturdy, youthful bill." If it is too new, say:

"That is a brand new one and I might soil it. Give me one that has seen service. I want a bill with experience."

Holding bill in full sight, go back toward the stage. Suddenly stop as if a thought occurred to you and say:

"Pardon me, sir, but would you mind just copying down the number on your bill. As you are the owner of it, you would, no doubt, like to identify it again later. Just write the last three digits — 7, 6, 4 — and the letter A."

Assume that those were the numbers on the bill you placed in the cigarette. Whatever those numbers are, call them out to the spectator to mark down. Audience and owner of bill believe that you are actually reading off the numbers from borrowed bill while in reality you are giving the numbers on the bill in the prepared cigarette.

Keep the dollar bill in plain sight. Bring out package of cigarettes from your pocket. Hold box so that cigarettes slide over to right side of box and hand to spectator so that prepared cigarette is nearest him. As a rule, spectator takes this cigarette when you offer the box to him.

"That's fine. You have selected a cigarette for me, sir."

Take cigarette from him and place it in your mouth.

Ask spectator to take another for himself. If he did not take the prepared cigarette for you the first time, merely let him keep the first one, and you select the prepared one for yourself.

"Have one yourself, sir, and we'll have just a little smoke between friends." Replace cigarette box in pocket.

Go back to stage. While your back is turned, get Pull in left hand, closing your fingers over it. Hold dollar bill up in right hand all the time.

Now turn and face audience.

Spread out dollar bill, holding it between hands.

"It is said that if a person folds a dollar bill and then puts it in his pocket, when he takes it out again, he finds his money in creases."

Fold bill over and crease it down. Continue folding and rolling it a little so that it can be easily tucked into Cigarette Pull. Place bill in Pull under cover of hands and release Pull.

"However, in folding money so many times, it certainly makes it look small — in fact, so small "

Open left hand and show bill has vanished.

"That it is quite invisible. This, of course, isn't difficult to do because most anyone can get rid of money. Now, the production of money is more difficult."

Take box of matches from pocket and light the cigarette which has been in your mouth ever since the spectator selected it from the box you offered him. Replace matches.

"I guess that's why many fellows light up a cigarette and try to imagine they are rich. But not so good with this cigarette. It doesn't seem to smoke so well."

Take cigarette from mouth and look at it.

"As we say jokingly, one to another, 'It would make a poor artist as it doesn't draw so well."

Break open cigarette and show bill inside.

"There seems to be a cause back of effects."

Unfold dollar bill.

"There is money in cigarettes."

Look at number on bill.

"Ah, sir, I believe it is your dollar. The number is 7, 6, 4, A. Is that correct, sir? I shall let you have the bill so that you can check up for yourself."

Return bill to owner, and have him identify it.

"It is your bill. Fine. Lucky I decided to smoke or you may never have got your bill back -- or I might say your greenback."


Performer borrows a hat, shows it empty, and then proceeds to catch a number of cigarettes in the air and tosses them into the hat. His hands are shown empty all the time and the productions are most mysterious.


1 -- About a dozen cigarettes.

2 -- A Cigarette Clip. MODUS OPERANDI:

To Prepare:

Clip consists of a flesh-colored piece of metal which clamps on to first phalange of second finger of right hand. To this piece of metal is attached a long pin on which cigarettes are placed.

Figures 84 and 85.

Place a cigarette on the Cigarette Clip. Take rest of cigarettes with the one on Clip and wrap them in a little bundle with thread or rubber band.

Figure 86.

Place bundle of cigarettes in lower right vest pocket or in special pocket inside right side of coat so that you can get it easily.

To Perform:

Borrow hat and hold it in right hand. As you go back to stage, remove bundle of cigarettes from pocket with left hand. Bring hat in front of you for a moment to get bundle under brim as shown in Figure 87.

This method of handling is similar to that used in production of silks from a hat or in loading coins for The Miser's Dream.

Turn to right and face audience. Hat is now held with left hand concealing cigarettes under brim. Show hat empty, then turn it over to show outside with nothing concealed, bringing bundle of cigarettes inside of hat. Turn hat with opening up again and let bundle fall into crown. Reach in with right hand and quickly break thread or remove rubber band from bundle.

Adjust Cigarette Clip on back of second finger of right hand as you do this. Cigarette lies along back of finger.

Figure 8 8.


Sometimes performer carries prepared cigarette on Clip in his right coat or trousers' pocket. While talking to audience, he reaches into his pocket and adjusts Clip on finger.

Remove hand from pocket or hat and be sure to keep back of it away from audience to conceal Clip with Cigarette. Turn left side to audience. Hat is in left hand, and show empty palm of right hand.

Figure 89.

Now reach into air with right hand. Bend second finger quickly. This brings cigarette into position shown in Figure 90.

Other fingers are held straight, and the effect is that you reached into the air with fingers wide apart and suddenly produced a cigarette.

Pretend to throw this cigarette into hat. Your hand goes into hat, second finger straightens out to conceal cigarette. You bring hand out apparently empty. Remember the cigarette does not come off the clip and does not fall into the hat. Your middle finger simply bends to give the effect.

Reach into air again and produce another cigarette in same manner as first one. Pretend to toss this one into hat also. Continue this until eleven cigarettes have been produced and apparently thrown into hat. Audience is not aware that you are producing the same cigarette every time. They believe you have produced eleven different ones. Productions may be varied by taking cigarettes from behind the knee, etc.

Keep palm of right hand to audience to conceal cigarette. Show cigarettes in hat to audience. Pour them out on table. Then reach into air once more with right hand and produce a twelfth cigarette. Remove it from clip with left hand as if you were merely taking it from right fingers.

Straighten right fingers immediately to conceal Clip and dispose of Clip in pocket at your earliest opportunity.

You may continue from this point with manipulations with one cigarette if you desire.


The Cigarette Clip is a handy piece of apparatus. It may be used to perform The Phantom Cigarette. It does away with use of prepared box of matches.

To do this, first place clip at base of third finger of left hand with cigarette extending into palm.

Figure 91.

With Clip in this position, back of hand must be held toward audience. Hand and fingers may be moved freely.

Go through pantomine of making cigarette and lighting match. Toss match box aside. As you bring hands in front of mouth, get cigarette between your teeth and draw it from Clip. Light it and show the real cigarette.

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