The Doll House Illusion

I am now about to reveal to you an illusion that has been very popular with many of our leading magicians. It was originated and first introduced, I believe, by Fred Culpitt, a clever English magician.

It has a particular advantage in being a self-contained novelty and enables the performer to present it in story form.


The performer shows a miniature house on a table. The front is opened and inside of the house shown with its various furnishings. The furnishings are removed, house shown empty and doors forming front of house closed again. Performer states that this is a doll's house and that a doll lives in it. Then suddenly the roof spreads open and lo! - up jumps a live doll! Performer aids girl assistant to floor. The sudden appearance of a grown person in such a small house is indeed a surprise.


2 -- Furnishings for the doll house.

3 — Girl assistant dressed as doll.


Fig. 21 shows the general appearance of the doll house on the table. The table has a double purpose. One is that it supports the doll house up off the floor and the next is that it helps to conceal the girl. To conceal a girl in such a small house would be difficult, but to conceal part of her in the doll house and part in the table solves the difficulty of concealment.

Magicians Doll House Illusion

Fig. 22 shows how girl is concealed. The steps also help to carry on the illusion. The lower floor of the house is on the level with top of upper step. The upstairs floor is held in place with four pegs. When the doors making up the front of house are opened, Fig. 24, the audience thinks they see clear to the back of the house. In reality they do not. They see a false partition which hides the girl, Fig. 22.

The inside of the house is lined with fancy varicolored cretonne which fools the eye on depth. There are nine inches of space between the back of house and the partition. There is a space of 8 1/2 inches between floor of house and bottom floor of table top. This holds an assistant nicely as in Fig. 22.

The partition in front of the girl is in reality two doors which hinge to sides of house. These doors also hinge so as to occupy less space when opened. Figs. 23 and 24.

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