The Dissolving Coin

This is one of the most mystifying of coin tricks. You will be able to do it after practicing it just a few times. You can do this trick at any time — at the dinner table, in a business office, or before an audience.


Magician borrows a half dollar from someone in the audience and asks the loaner to mark it so that he will be able to identify it later. Then the magician borrows a handkerchief and places the coin in the center of it. The loaner is given a glass of water to hold in his left hand and the coin and handkerchief in his right hand. At a given signal he is told to drop the coin into the glass of water and then to remove the handkerchief. To his great surprise he finds the coin has disappeared. Then the performer nonchalantly takes the marked half dollar out of his purse, which has been in his pocket during the entire trick.


We are giving you FREE with this lesson the paraphernalia for performing this trick:

1--Glass Disk with polished edges, the size of a half dollar.

2--Glass with bottom the size of Glass Disk. The other articles you will need are:

a--An ordinary small purse with clasp at top. b--A borrowed half dollar. c-- A borrowed handkerchief.


Fundamental: Finger Palming

In your left hand trouser pocket you have the small purse and glass disk concealed.

Very casually while you are talking, get the glass disk (G) into your left hand, holding it at the base of the second and third fingers and curving your fingers a little over the disk. This is called Finger Palming.

NOTE: The "patter" for all tricks will be underscored and shown in quotation marks (" ").

"Now for this little experiment -- you know all tricks are experiments; sometimes they fail (sometimes) — I must have a half dollar. I thought I had one here in my pocket but I believe I will have to borrow one."

You will find that you can work very close to your audience without their suspecting that you have something in your hand. Remember to practice with the "Angle of Visibility" in mind.

"Will someone please loan me a half dollar for a few moments? Put a good heavy mark on it — any mark will do. Your girl's 'phone number would be great. I could then call her up in the morning."

This shows your hand as it looks to the audience. They do not suspect that you have the disk (G) concealed in it. Remember, naturalness in the pose of the hand which has the coin finger palmed.

"Or you might put my income tax on it. Any place on the coin is room enough for a zero."

You take the borrowed coin (H) with your right hand and place it in the left, holding it with the tips of the fingers and thumb of the left hand.

"Now if someone will loan me a pocket handkerchief "

Cover your left hand with the handkerchief, holding the Coin (H) with your fingers and thumb and the Glass Disk (G) palmed at the base of your second and third fingers.

Move the Coin (H) down to your palm on a level with Disk (G) by crooking your first finger and thumb -- in preparation for its replacing the Disk (G).

"This would be a good trick to do in the City Hall where a lot of good coin tricks are done under cover each day."

Have someone fill the glass with water and ask the audience to examine it carefully to see that it is an ordinary glass.

Now, pretending to take the Coin (H), covered by the handkerchief, with your right hand, you take the Disk (G) and finger palm the Coin (H) in place of it by moving the coin into place with left thumb.

Handkerchief Vector

"Has the glass been examined carefully?"

You now have the Disk (G) under the handkerchief, which is held with the right hand, and the Coin (H) palmed at the base of the second and third fingers of your left hand.

Hold your left hand naturally until you are ready to dispose of the coin. Give the handkerchief to the loaner of the coin so he can hold the glass disc by its edge.

"The coin is now in the handkerchief and I would like to have you hold it over this glass of water."

Of course the coin is not really in the handkerchief. That is simply part of your "patter." The coin is really in your left hand and the glass disc is under the handkerchief.

Loaner holds handkerchief over glass of water, glass hidden completely by handkerchief, as shown.

WARNING: BE CAREFUL AS TO LIGHT. If light comes from side, and handkerchief and disc is between spectator and light it is dangerous because light coming through handkerchief and glass disc shows that half dollar is not under handkerchief. Spectator should be between light and handkerchief. At the dinner table where the light falls from above it is ideal. Study this closely. If handkerchief seems rather thin it is safer to double it so that disc is held under two thicknesses of cloth.

Handkerchief Giving Baby

Spectator drops coin.

"When I count 3, drop the coin into the glass of water. 1—2—3!"

Spectator drops coin.

You now have your opportunity to put the coin in your purse with your left hand. Your purse is in your left hand trouser's pocket. Remove your hand as soon as possible and do not look at your left hand at any time.

"What a merry clinking sound --------------."

Now, tell loaner to remove handkerchief.

"Now your coin must be in the bottom of the glass.

-But it

seems to have faded away like a first-class bank account in stormy weather."

Pour the water out of the glass. The Disk will stay in the bottom.

Produce marked coin from your purse.

"As I have saved something for a rainy day, I will share it with you. Here is your coin, which has been in my pocket all evening."

Another finish is to drop the coin into side pocket of loaner if you can do it, and produce it from there later. Do not try this unless you are sure you can do it without detection. Or you can produce coin from behind your knee, arm or from under vest, or if sitting at table from under table itself as though coin had gone through table.

To make this trick Fool-Proof. If someone tries to examine the glass after the trick is over, drop a half dollar into the glass and tap the glass a little. The half dollar and glass disk will come out together, sticking together because of the moisture from the water. The curious then can examine the glass and find nothing out of the ordinary about it. In the meantime, under pretense of wiping coin dry with handkerchief, you can put the disk into your pocket with handkerchief.

Lesson 2

Your next lesson comprises four puzzling effects of an impromptu nature:

1--You drop a burning cigarette into a borrowed-handkerchief. Smoke issues therefrom. Cigarette vanishes and handkerchief is not burned.

2--Lighted cigarette placed in bare left hand vanishes.

3--The center is burned out of a borrowed handkerchief and handkerchief quickly restored.

4--A strip of tissue paper tucked into the left hand suddenly vanishes and appears again in a mysterious fashion.

These tricks involve an ingenious piece of apparatus which we send you FREE. It can always be carried with you. You are then prepared to do these tricks anywhere and at any time.

You will also learn more about the principles of Magic and the presentation of tricks, which will be invaluable to you.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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