The Coin In The Magical Envelopes

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This experiment is really a Coin Classic. When skillfully done, its effect is wonderful.


Performer requests that a spectator mark a half dollar and loan it to him. He wraps this coin in a piece of newspaper and gives it to spectator who is assisting him to hold. He then waves a piece of sealing wax over the parcel. Spectator opens newspaper and finds that it has been converted into a large newspaper envelope sealed with wax. Upon opening the envelope, he finds that another sealed envelope is enclosed in the first. The second envelope is opened and it contains a third sealed envelope. The third is opened and is found to contain the half dollar.

Magician then offers to show assistant how to do the trick. He repeats it and this time the envelopes are opened and the loaner of the coin finds his marked coin in the third envelope.

Performer then suggests that assistant might like to keep the six envelopes as a souvenir. He gives the assistant the envelope crushed into a ball. A mishap occurs however. Magician accidentally touches the assistant's hand with the sealing wax and this causes the envelopes to change back again into the two pieces of newspaper which they were originally.


1 -- Three copies of the same newspaper.

Select a sheet and remove it from each of the three newspapers. Use single sheets (double sheets cut in half).

2 -- Two half dollars with the same date. Put small cross marks exactly alike on each.

3 -- A borrowed half dollar. Borrow one which matches the others as nearly as possible.


To Prepare:

Take one of the three selected sheets of newspaper and out it in two, from top to bottom and not across. Figure 9.

Take one of these half sheets. Cut from it three squares of paper in the following sizes:

From each of these squares you are to make an envelope.

Take the largest square. Fold over one corner about three inches. Figure 10.

Now fold over the corner on the right side. Figure 11. And finally fold the corner on left side. Paste these corners down to make an envelope. The open corner forms the flap. Figure 12.

Make envelopes of the other two squares also.

Fold down the flaps. Through the crease in the top of each cut a slit about an inch and three-quarters long with a sharp knife.

Take one of the half dollars and insert it halfway into the smallest envelope through the slit. Fold down the flap and seal it with some sealing wax. Figure 13.

Place this envelope in the next largest one with the coin protruding from the slit. Fold over flap and seal with wax. Then insert these two sealed envelopes in the largest one with the coin protruding from the slit. Seal down the flap with sealing wax. You now have a package of three envelopes with a half dollar sticking out halfway through the slits. Figure 14.

Be sure that all three slits are even. Now turn half. dollar at right angle to slits and press paper against it. Remove the coin and a hole from the outside into the inner envelope remains. Figure 15.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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