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Hell Really Exists

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This is a comedy effect. It fits nicely into a program and it may used to advantage after the preceding effect. This is an effect which you can tell your audience explains the working of the preceding trick. When you have finished, however, your spectators are more mystified than ever.

If magician is working with a comedy assistant, this may be performed by the assistant while magician goes off stage to prepare for a final effect. Or it may be used just as an excellent piece of magic mixed with a conjurer's troubles of a comedy nature.


Performer has a banana examined and gives it to spectator to hold. He has a card selected from a deck, causes the card to vanish, and then says he will make it appear in the banana. Spectator peels banana but fails to find the card. Performer is apparently embarrassed and at a loss to know what has happened. He takes an empty envelope from his pocket and places a yellow card therein, upon which he says is written a letter to the Devil. He holds the envelope for a while and then opens it again. The

yellow card has vanished and in its place is a red tissue paper letter from the Devil. The Devil gives his reason for failing to help the performer with his trick and returns the card with his letter. Magician asks spectator whether this was the card he selected and learns that it is the wrong card. Upon request, spectator tells the card he selected. Magician then snaps his finger against the card and it changes to the selected card.


4 -- Five Court Cards from the deck.

6 -- Yellow card with writing on it (2 1/2 x 4 inches).

7 -- A piece of red tissue paper (9 x 12 inches). SECRET AND PATTER:

The Devil I

Hape 5

Hape 5

To Prepare:

Have a double envelope prepared. (Lesson 8.) Seal flap of envelope down tight. Then tear off end just as you would do in opening a letter. This gives you a new form for using the double envelope. You will note that envelope looks like an ordinary one. Only you know that it has a middle partition which can be held against either side so that envelope may be shown to be apparently empty on either side. Figure 26.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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