The Birth Of Old Glory

A pretty silk effect with a flashy ending. This can be adapted for use with the flag of any country.


Performer shows three silks separately—red, white, and blue. He knots them together and suddenly changes them into a large silk American flag.


1—Three silk handkerchiefs, 15 inches square. One red, one white, one blue.

2—Two silk American flags, about 24 x 36 inches.

3—Minor accessories. SECRET:

To Prepare:

Place the two flags evenly together and sew them all around the edges except for a space about three inches long at upper right edge. Sew a loop of fishing cord or catgut at each of upper corners. Turn flags inside out and to upper left corner sew a piece of blue ribbon.

Figure 109.

To the blue ribbon attach a fastener like the one shown in Figure 110.

Turn flags back to right side. Around opening at upper right corner, sew a piece of soft wire or two pieces of whale bone or cardboard to stiffen opening and facilitate the rapid pulling out of silk handkerchiefs.

The blue silk is also prepared. This should be very dark and as opaque as possible. It may be necessary for you to sew two blue silks together to make it opaque. Sew one end of a strong piece of blue ribbon, about 3 inches long, to the silk. To free end of ribbon, sew a small metal ring.

Figure 111.

Take the double flag. Reach through opening, grasp the fastener inside and pull it out.

Figure 112.

Figure 113

Keeping fastener outside, tuck left side of flag in evenly.

Figure 113

Figure 115.

Starting with lower edge, roll up flag and put a strip of tissue paper around it to hold it. Glue ends of paper to form a ring. This keeps flag from unrolling and yet breaks easily if flag is jerked.

Figure 114.

Hang flag on back of blue silk, snapping the fastener of flag through the ring.

Figure 115.

Drape blue silk around flag bundle to conceal it, and place on table with the white and red silks.

Figure 116.

To Perform:

Pick up blue silk by upper corner and hold in left hand. Pick up white silk and place it beside blue one in left hand.

Figure 117.

Figure 119.

Now pick up red silk and place with other two in left hand. Tie all three upper corners into a knot to hold the silks together.

Figure 118.

With thumbs reach down behind blue silk, open it, and get left thumb through lower loop on flag and right thumb through upper loop.

Figure 119.

Pull hands apart. The tissue paper around flag breaks and the flag unfolds. At the same time, the three handkerchiefs are drawn inside of the double flag through the opening.

Figure 120.

Figure 121 is a view showing performer and flag as audience sees them.

Figure 121 is a view showing performer and flag as audience sees them.



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