The Bewitched Banana

Another comedy effect with fruit and cards which makes a hit. The beauty of this experiment is that in the preparation for it you accomplish the effect so that you may work very close to your spectators without danger of being detected. An excellent effect for parlor, club, or stage work.


A banana is passed out for examination and given to a spectator to hold. From a cloth bag containing little cards numbered one to ten, another spectator draws a number. Performer peels the banana and it is found that the Inside of the banana has cut itself into the same number of pieces that the number drawn calls for.


2-- A darning needle or piece of wire.

3-- A prepared cloth bag.

4--Ten small cards, 1 1/4 inches square, numbered from one to ten.

5--Ten small cards, each marked Number Four.

6--A dagger or knife.

7--A plate for banana. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare: The Banana:

I usually have the banana fall apart into four pieces. You may decide on any number you want and prepare the banana accordingly.

To cut the banana inside the skin without noticeably affecting the skin is very easy. The banana is passed for close inspection after it is prepared and the spectators cannot detect anything unusual about it.

A short time before your performance, take a darning needle. (In emergency, you may use a piece of wire or a tooth pick.) Push the needle into the banana about one-fourth its length from one of the ends. Figure 35.

Move part of needle in banana from side to side carefully so as not to split skin but just the fruit. Make just one hole in the skin but push the needle from side to side in cutting the banana. Figure 36.

Push the needle in again through the middle of the banana, cutting a second section inside of the skin. Then in the same way cut through the fruit again one-fourth the length from the other end. The banana is now cut into four pieces inside of the skin and you have made only three small holes in the skin which are not noticeable upon the closest examination by the uninitiated. Figure 37.

Your effect is already accomplished before you start the trick and you can work this amazing experiment with confidence.

Cloth Changing Bag:

This is a small piece of paraphernalia which has many uses in Magic. With it you can make small objects appear, disappear, and change into something else.

Take a piece of dark, rather heavy cloth, about 8 1/2 x 4 inches. Fold over twice and sew down carefully and neatly the two narrow edges, making a quarter-inch hem on each. Figure 38.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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