The Asbestos Palm


This is a similar effect to the above, but no handkerchief is used. A lighted cigarette is dropped into the left hand, and a little Magic Sand is sprinkled

~k ~k ~k on it. The left hand is opened slowly—and the cigarette has vanished.


This effect involves a little manipulation which you must learn right now. It is a little sleight of hand. You show your hand apparently empty and yet conceal a thumb tip. These manipulations enable you to show thumb freely at times. You will find that it is little moves like these that help to make the MASTER MAGICIAN.

Get thumb tip on your left thumb. Now study carefully illustrations at left. Hold thumb in Position A. Bend thumb to Position B. Close fingers around tip, Position C. Partially open hand, Position D, leaving thumb tip inside middle, ring and little fingers of left hand. The three fingers conceal the thumb tip in such a way that hand can be shown carelessly and the tip will not be seen.

Reverse the movements and get tip on thumb again. Practice until you can do these moves EASILY and QUICKLY with either hand.


Have tip in left pocket. Get tip onto left thumb and conceal as in Position A above.

Borrow a piece of lighted cigarette as in effect described before.

Manipulate thumb tip to Position D. Casually show left hand. Hold the cigarette with thumb and forefinger of right hand.

Get tip onto thumb again—Position A. Bring thumb up and point hand towards audience, end of thumb foremost. This convinces audience that hand is empty.

Close hand quickly, bending thumb and getting tip to Position D again. Withdraw thumb. To audience it looks as though empty hand was closed.

Drop cigarette into left hand, tucking it in with right thumb. This puts fire of cigarette out and allows you to remove tip on right thumb.

Show right hand empty, tip of thumb pointed toward audience. Reach into vest pocket for the Magic Sand, leaving tip in pocket. Sprinkle imaginary sand over left hand.

Open left hand slowly—the cigarette has vanished.

Study the first effect, MYSTERY OF THE BURNING CIGARETTE, and model your presentation of this second effect upon that, using the same patter where appropriate.

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