To become a Master of Showmanship you must be inspired with the spirit of being a Magician. Do not merely play at the part, but use the POWER OF SUGGESTION on yourself to make you really feel and fill the part.

Dress the part -- act the part -- do everything to create personal magnetism and a favorable impression -- avoid all disturbing elements -- and STUDY SHOWMANSHIP.

Now, let us analyze this tremendous factor in Magic -- Showmanship. It means the ability to put ROMANCE, MYSTERY, THE ELEMENT OF SUSPENSE, INTEREST, EMOTIONAL FEELING, and EFFECTIVENESS into your performance.

The more power you have to build these elements into your work, the greater will be your rewards. Take your example

from the playwright. He puts into his plays the same principle of showmanship which you must use. He creates interest in his audience, arouses their emotions, and builds up from lesser effect to greater until he reaches a climax. And you must work in the same way.

The Showman makes a masterpiece of a commonplace trick. He clothes it properly, he studies his presentation, he stirs up his audience with interest and suspense, he puts reality into the part he is playing, he works the whole thing up to a climax.

In every-day life we find many, many instances of Showmanship. The salesman who understands Showmanship is the one who gets the orders. He knows just what to say and how to say it, what to do and how to do it to get the greatest effect. See how the advertising man plays up a commonplace article with his Showmanship and makes you hunger for it. See how a poor piece of farm land is turned into a subdivision. How the bands play! How the salesmen use their Showmanship! And how people rush to buy the wonderful property.

What Showmanship can do was brought home very forcibly to me at one time. A party of about twelve Magicians, myself included, went to see the play, "The Charlatan." Frederick Tiden was playing the part of Cagliostro, the magician, in it. We sat there delighted at the magic and illusions which he presented. When he produced a rosebush from a seed which he had planted in a glass flower-pot, we were completely mystified. Here truly was a great magician whom we had hitherto missed. After the show we met Tiden. The Cagliostro on the stage and the Tiden in the theater lobby were two different men. In the play he was a rather large, dignified elderly man of great poise and mastership. Before us he was smaller, thinner — Tiden, the artist. We went out for a bite to eat and, as usual, some of the boys performed tricks. Then Tiden was called on to perform.

"Why, boys, I'm no magician," he said. "I do not do tricks. You have me all wrong. I am just an actor."

"Oh. no," said we, "you are a magician. Didn't we see the wonderful magic you did tonight at the theater. It was marvellous. You had us gasping. Where did you get the flowers from?"

He leaned back and laughed. "Do you mean to say those tricks fooled you?" he asked.

"We admit it," the boys said.

Then Tiden gave us an excellent talk. He said that as he had been chosen to play the part of the great magician, Cagliostro, he determined to make himself feel like a great magician and really act the part. He studied what he thought Cagliostro would do in the emergencies which the play brought forth. He succeeded so remarkably in getting his effects and making the illusions seem real because of his Showmanship.

He decided that things should be produced and vanished from places which an audience would least suspect. In this instance the man who appeared most innocent of helping him was the villain. So then, Tiden thought, his best helper would

be the disturbing lawyer who opposed Cagliostro at almost every move, a skeptic who sought every way possible to undo the magician. In the eyes of the audience this lawyer and the magician were bitter enemies. In reality the lawyer in looking into the flower-pot to see that Cagliostro was not putting anything over on him, put the flowers in himself. And Tiden in his mastery of Showmanship put his effects over as if he were the greatest magician in the world.

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