Sawing A Woman In Half

At one time this was one of the most sensational illusions

on the stage. The effect of sawing a woman in half was a good box office attraction. It gave ample opportunity for good publicity. Even to having an ambulance standing out in front of the theatre with sign attached that it was ready for emergency in case of any accident that may occur in sawing the lady in half. A big steel saw such as used to fell big trees was hung in the lobby.

Selbit of England had a method of performing as did Horace Goldin. Much discussion came about as to whether Selbit or Goldin was entitled to credit for the illusion. Then the movies took it up and started an expose which reached a certain number of people.

I cannot give accurate information as to who invented the illusion. Both Selbit and Goldin performed it admirably. The effect of each varied though as in Selbit's method the girl was tied inside a package case while in Goldin's version the girl's head and feet were visible, being held by assistants from the audience.

Charles DeVere, well known magical dealer of Paris, France, showed me a catalog advertising sawing a woman in half before sawing a woman became popular. If I remember rightly, it was presented by some magician in the year 1843. But what his version was I do not know. The old wood cut showed a box supported on sawbucks. Anyway, it never received much popularity and publicity until Selbit and Goldin got hold of it.

Horace Goldin made a vaudeville tour throughout America with the illusion some time ago, and his presentation and showmanship were those of a master.

Servais LeRoy some time later made a vaudeville tour with the "Sawing a Woman in Half illusion and presented it as a hospital scene in which audience were watching a surgical operation.

Harry Jansen (Dante) and Thurston added some good wrinkles to the Goldin version and it became a good attraction with their shows. Even as I write this they are both having fine success with it.

Millions of people have not seen the illusion and new audiences are arising so it will be popular for many years.

In this lesson I am giving you a version based on the Selbit version. It is not as elaborate, but it is very effective and can be built very reasonably.

In giving you illusions I am trying to keep down the expense as much as possible. I could explain some illusions that would cost hundreds of dollars to build, but they would not be practical to the majority of my students. They might interest curiosity seekers, but, as I have said before, "This course is not built for curiosity seekers, but for those who want to learn to present practical magic and get some place with it."

The effects in this course are selected because of their power to be tied up with SHOWMANSHIP and for their production with as small an expense as possible. Yet the effects can be elaborated upon and permit of thousands of dollars being spent on and around them as the conditions satisfactorily warrant.

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