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Woman Calls I'roposrtl Mill "Crotcning Blow"

Branch of Chamber Studies Zoning Application

The 8anta Monlc« Bar District Realty Board and Mr* Lloyd Cochran of Brrnlaood Park are among the protectant« against the proposed «.000.000 cement mill, rock crusher, brick, tile and other plants ior which Industrial ton In* has been asked In the Beverly Boulevard residential-educational district between the alt« of the University of California at Los Angeles and the ocean. '

City Clerk Domlnguex yesterday mailed notices to property owner*' In this district of the hearing on the soiling application to be held | mt the city Hall at 2 p.m. on the Mth Inst, before the City Councils City Planning Commission.


The district realty board protest was as follows:

The Santa Monica Bay Din-Wet Realty Board in regular meeting today unanimously protest against the zoning of any property In the Santa Monica Mountains for Industry of any kind or character and this spe-dftoaDy refers to the cement plant whlcfc has been proposed In this

XU. COCHRAN'S PROTEST Mrs. Cochran In her protest to the Council said:

The proposed cement plant sure Is the crowning blow. The oootempt and r-opathy 1 feel for a faction which could entertain such a proposition to ruin the ooe scenic boulevard and residential district in Los Angeles I can't find words adequate to expreas.

I am a property ownrr In Brentwood and also own property downtown, so consider I have a legitimate "kick" coming. If this proposed plant receives your sanction it will be the greatest outrage yet perpetrated. Mm Oochran Uvea at 229 North Clifford avenue, Brentwood Park.

NEW MEETING CALLCO The University branch of the Los Angeles Chamber which U »noMit

Master and His Pupil Dr. Harlan Tarbell pulls a f*M hand for Floyd O. Thayer.

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