Royal Card Discovery


A deck of cards is shuffled. Performer turns up the top card and shows it (suppose it is a three spot). He places it on the table, back up, and counts other cards on top of it, starting from three — thus: three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten. He stops at ten and then turns over the next card. Say it is a five spot. He places this down and starts another pile of cards, counting from five to ten. Then he turns over the next card and starts counting another pile from whatever number that card happens to be. Court cards count for ten. If a court card or ten spot are turned up, they are placed by themselves as they already count ten. When the whole deck has been laid out in piles in this manner, performer takes all piles of less than four cards and places them to-

Figure 22.

Cigarette can then be easily grasped in crotch of right thumb.

Figure 17.

Drop right hand to side. Keep back or hand to audience. Figure 18.

Then raise right hand, still keeping back of it to audience.

Figure 19 shows hand as audience sees it.

Figure 20 shows palm of hand away from audience with concealed cigarette.

Now you are to turn hand over quickly to show palm empty to audience. As you turn hand, force end of cigarette between first and second fingers.

Figure 21.

Press tip of right thumb against fingers and other end of cigarette to conceal it. Palm may now be shown empty. Turning of hand must be done quickly and naturally as if you actually had nothing in your hand.

Figure 22.

Turn your hand to show back again, and as you do so, pull cigarette back between first and second fingers to palm of hand again.

Figure 23.

Do this back and front movement two or three times. Then as you show palm for the last time, get cigarette to fingertips by pivoting lower end upward, and produce cigarette.

This may be performed with a burning cigarette. Be sure to open fingers wide enough when you pass the burning end between your fingers so that you will not burn yourself.

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